Casualty spoilers: Teddy Gowan resigns — but ends up fighting for his life!

Terrified Teddy Gowan is trapped with Al. Embargoed until 12/04/22
Teddy Gowan trapped! Can aunty Jan get to him in time? (Image credit: BBC)

Teddy Gowan prepares to leave Holby for good in Casualty episode Friends Like These (BBC1, 8.35pm, Saturday 16 April 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings). Meanwhile, Stevie Nash is laser-focused on exposing Matthew Afolami’s lies!

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Teddy Gowan’s last day?

Paramedic Teddy Gowan (Milo Clarke) has been a breath of fresh air since he breezed into Casualty. But following his emergency heart surgery, his overbearing mum Gaynor plans to sweep him back to Manchester…

This week it's revealed that Gaynor (Maxine Evans) has manipulated Teddy into believing that his colleagues don’t care about him! He’s hurt that no one has been in touch since his operation. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The team have sent Teddy get-well gifts, but Gaynor has been hiding them in the boot of her car! 

As Teddy heads off to hand in his resignation, his determined mum dumps the goodies… Meanwhile, at the ambulance station, paramedic boss, and Teddy’s aunt, Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) is shocked when he hands her his letter of resignation and walks away. 

Jan is shocked by Teddy's resignation letter. Embargoed until 12/04/22

Jan is shocked by the spelling in Teddy's resignation letter.  (Image credit: BBC)

One last job

Outside the ED Teddy bumps into work pals Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) and Sah Brockner (Arin Smethurst), who are trying to convince homeless patient Al Shepton (Stevie Raine) to receive treatment. 

Al, a regular patient and well known to Teddy, has been viciously beaten up, but is overjoyed to see the young paramedic. He agrees to be admitted to the ED when Teddy offers to stay with him, but on one condition — Al does not want the police involved.

Teddy, however, has other ideas when doctor Matthew Afolami (Osi Okerafor) reveals the extent of Al’s injuries…

Teddy rallies his teammates for a rescue mission. Embargoed until 12/04/22

Teddy rallies his teammates for a rescue mission. But can he stand up to his mum? (Image credit: BBC)

Deadly rescue mission

When Al sees Teddy talking to the police he legs it from the ED, leaving Matthew concerned. Test results reveal Al has a fractured skull and without treatment, he could die at any second!

Hellbent on helping, Teddy rallies Jan, Iain and Sah, and goes in search of Al — despite his mother’s vehement protests.

Teddy tracks Al down to his camp in the woods and races to rescue him. But on entering Al’s shack, the makeshift construction collapses and traps them both. Suddenly, Teddy — who is recovering from major heart surgery — is left gasping for breath, while unconscious Al is in the grips of a seizure and in danger of choking.

Will Jan, Iain and Sah be able to rescue Al and Teddy before it’s too late?

Faith is stunned when Stevie makes herself at home! Embargoed until 12/04/22

Faith is stunned when Stevie makes herself at home!  (Image credit: BBC)

Stevie Nash’s plan of attack

Elsewhere, Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) plots to discredit Matthew before her sexual harassment hearing. 

She sets up camp in Faith Cadogan’s home and begins work on an extensive timeline, which she cross references with phone evidence to prove that her relationship with Matthew was consensual.

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) is alarmed at Stevie’s determination, and shocked to discover her friend has no plans to contact a union representative before the disciplinary hearing. 

Given Stevie’s track record for revenge, is Faith right to be concerned?

Faith treats Holly, who is clearly in pain. Embargoed until 12/04/22

Faith's mission. Can she help Holly and Stevie? (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week…

At the ED, Faith is surprised when Holly Cage, who is investigating Stevie and Matthew’s case, is admitted to the ED in pain and suffering shortness of breath.

At first, Faith sees an opportunity to help Stevie, but drops the matter when she realises that Holly (Simone Saunders) is clearly hiding something personal and needs her help. Can Faith get to the bottom of Holly's secret?

Meanwhile, Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi) opens up to Faith and Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) about his relationship with Adi Kapadia (Raj Bajaj). Last week Marty discovered that Adi is due to become a father. Have the couple split up?

Also this week, Ellie-May Sheridan (who plays Polly in Dodger) guest stars as a teen with a major moral dilemma!

Dodger star Ellie-May Sheridan as teen patient Kayley. Embargoed until 12/04/22

Dodger star Ellie-May Sheridan as teen patient Kayley. (Image credit: BBC)

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday, April 16 2022 at 8.35pm on BBC1. It is available on iPlayer after transmission. 

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