Coronation Street spoilers: Eileen Grimshaw suffers SHOCK accident

Will Eileen Grimshaw wake from her fall?
Will Eileen Grimshaw wake from her fall? (Image credit: ITV)

George and Sean rush to help Eileen Grimshaw in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

When Glenda calls at No.11 with a huge pumpkin to carve and display at the Rovers, Eileen Grimshaw annoyed that she’s treating her house like a workshop, so she grabs the pumpkin and heads out. 

But, as she strides down the street, she collides with Gail, trips over the pumpkin and knocks herself out. George and Sean rush to her aid but are shocked as she comes around appearing uncharacteristically chilled and pleasant. 

Eileen collides with Gail!

Eileen collides with Gail! (Image credit: ITV)

Summer tells Aaron that she’s made an appointment with Dr Gaddas to book an abortion. Having seen the doctor, she admits to Aaron she can’t help feeling upset. 

Esther’s gutted to learn about the planned termination and offers her money in a bid to change her mind. Billy appears and is horrified to realise that Esther was trying to buy Summer’s baby and orders her to leave. When Billy infers that he disapproves of abortion, Summer heads to her room, upset. 

Todd speaks to Billy about how Summer feels and tells him he must support her. But how will Billy react?

Ester tries to buy Summer's baby.

Ester tries to buy Summer's baby. (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen is worried as Jenny and Teddy arrange to meet up at the Bistro to discuss finding Leo. He takes a photo of them together in the street and sends it to Teddy from Leo’s phone with a message telling him that a mate saw them and thought he might be interested. The message reads “don’t contact me again”. To Stephen’s horror Teddy says he is going to go to Canada to speak to Leo face to face. What will Stephen do next? 

Later, Gabrielle corners Stephen and demands her money and he tries his best to fob her off, but she makes it clear she’s running out of patience...

When Daisy admits that she’s uncomfortable at the idea of moving into the flat when it holds so many memories of Sinead, Daniel snaps at her. When Adam later reveals that tomorrow is the anniversary of Sinead’s death, Daisy feels terrible. Can these two get back on track?

With Dev’s help, Bernie sifts through the recycling until she finds the label from the clothes packaging with Fern’s address on it but all that remains legible is 493C Church Lane. Later, the pair return to the street having failed to locate 493C Church Lane. Sympathetic, Dev tells Bernie she can move into number 5 as her family are not making her welcome.

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 8pm.

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