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‘Coronation Street’ spoilers: Emma Brooker and Faye kill a man?

Emma Brooker and Faye are in shock after hitting an elderly man.
Emma Brooker and Faye are in shock after hitting an elderly man. (Image credit: ITV)

Disaster strikes in tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings) when a tipsy Emma Brooker lets learner Faye drive her back home.

As Faye drives a still tipsy Emma Brooker back from their New Year’s Eve party, they knock over Ted, an old man carrying his shopping. The girls are relieved when he opens his eyes and states he is fine and invites them into his flat for a brew. 

Emma is shaken when back on the street, Imran spots Emma is worse for wear and says she shouldn't be in charge of a learner whilst under the influence and if they had an accident she would be in trouble. 

Emma and Faye decide to return to the flat to check up on Ted and apologise. But what state will they find Ted in?

Will Ted survive the accident?

Will Ted survive the accident? (Image credit: ITV)

At No.13, Abi is wondering what on earth she’s going to do if she is pregnant with Imran’s baby. When Toyah questions where he disappeared to last night, Imran lies that he was watching the fireworks. Does she believe him? 

Abi secretly meets up with Imran in Victoria Garden and tells him that she plans to do a pregnancy test and if it’s positive, Kevin deserves the truth. Neither of them spots Kevin approaching, what has he heard?

Will Imran and Abi tell Kevin the truth?

Will Imran and Abi tell Kevin the truth? (Image credit: ITV)

A determined Tim and Sally kick off the new year with a smoothie as part of their new healthy regime. Later, Tim tells Peter that he’s booked both him and Sally in for health checks with Dr Gaddas, but will Peter put him off?

Adam offers to take Harry for a kickabout and Sarah agrees, but remains frosty towards him. When Adam later tears a strip off Lydia for bitching about him to Sarah, Daniel’s taken aback by his aggressive behaviour. 

Also, Sam listens to Hope chatter away over the walkie-talkie but still doesn't talk.

Coronation Street continues at 8.30pm.