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'Coronation Street' spoilers: Kevin Webster finally finds Abi?

Kevin Webster Coronation Street week 40
Kevin Webster is desperate to bring Abi home where she belongs. (Image credit: ITV)

Kevin Webster is close to tracking down Abi in the second of Friday's Coronation Street episodes (8.30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Kevin has been desperately trying to find Abi and bring her home, but even tracking down Seb's dad, Tez, hasn't helped much in his quest to find the grieving mum. 

Worried that she might have fallen back into a life of drugs to numb the pain she is going through since her son was murdered by Corey, Kevin is trying to find Abi before she does something she might regret. 

Tez pretends to Kevin that he did see Abi a few weeks ago, but hasn't seen her since... but while Kevin doesn't believe he is telling the whole truth, he is left at a dead-end in his search. 

Leaving a heartfelt voicemail for Abi, Kevin begs her to come home and tells her how much he loves her. But will she listen to the message? And is Kevin closer to tracking her down than he realises? 

Coronation Street week 40 Zeedan

Zeedan's past comes back to haunt him when Hashim turns up. (Image credit: ITV)

Also, Zeedan is desperate to keep his past secrets hidden as Hashim spells out exactly why he is in Weatherfield. 

Will Zeedan be able to run from his past mistakes forever? 

Coronation Street week 40 Summer and Max

Summer works hard at finding a way to make school work interesting for Max.  (Image credit: ITV)

Summer works hard when she mentors Max, but at first, it seems he isn't going to listen to her any more than he listened to Daniel. 

However, when Summer then starts using a football analogy Max suddenly perks up and is all ears. David is thrilled that someone has finally managed to get through to Max at last. 

Coronation Street week 40 Summer and Max

David is thrilled when Max suddenly takes an interest in school work.  (Image credit: ITV)

Also, James is thrilled when the football club agree to let him do his coaching training at the same time as continuing as a player. 

Coronation Street week 40 Daisy

Jenny's match making isn't up to much when Daisy makes it clear she's not interested in Leo.  (Image credit: ITV)

Leo joins Daisy and Jenny to sample some news beers, but it seems Jenny's matchmaking skills aren't up to much, because Daisy makes it clear she isn't interested in Leo before heading to bed.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm and 8.30pm with a hour-long episode at 7.30 on Fridays on ITV - you can also catch up on episodes on ITV Hub now.