'Coronation Street' spoilers: Leanne Battersby faces Harvey in court

Coronation Street spoilers Leanne enters the witness box.
Harvey stares at Leanne Battersby as she enters the witness box. (Image credit: ITV)

Harvey’s trial gets underway in tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street on Wednesday 23rd June (see our TV Guide for listings). 

Leanne enters the witness box, staring her tormentor in the eye will she dare tell the truth? Sharon is then called as a witness, giving a damning report of Harvey’s violent nature and how he exploits vulnerable children for his own gain. 

Back on the street, Rita welcomes Sharon, explaining to Jenny how she did the right thing and her evidence will put Harvey behind bars. But has Sharon really put her life of crime behind her?

Coronation Street spoilers Harvey in court

Cocky Harvey isn't fazed by Leanne's testimony. (Image credit: ITV)

Carol calls at the Rovers saying she wants out of Double Glammy. Sean suggests to Daisy that as a one-off they could tear up the contract, but Daisy’s not having any of it and urges Carol to get out and sell. 

When a horrified Sean finds Carol unconscious on a bench he calls a doctor. Later, Sean confides in Eileen, she was right about Double Glammy, it’s destroyed Carol’s life and he needs to put things right.

Coronation Street spoilers Sean and Eileen discuss Carol.

Eileen makes Sean see the error of his ways and he vows to make things right. (Image credit: ITV)

Putting on a brave face, Summer tells Billy and Todd how the doctor has shown her how to check her blood sugar and inject herself with insulin. With Summer home, Billy tells a thrilled Todd that he’s changed his mind and reckons he should move in. 

Elsewhere, Tyrone is forced to admit to Alina that he failed his motorbike test while Fiz is highly amused.

Coronation Street spoilers Tyrone fails his motorbike test.

Fiz is clearly thrilled by Tyrone's failure to past his test. (Image credit: ITV)

Curtis is confused by Emma’s noticeably cooler attitude and confides in Steve. Steve talks to Emma, who admits that on Tracy’s advice, she’s been treating him mean. But he urges her to ignore Tracy and follow her heart. Dressed to kill, Emma heads out just in time to see Curtis approaching a glamorous woman. Has she missed her chance?

Coronation Street airs Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV this week.

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