Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow punches Dr Thorne!

Peter Barlow finds his anger leads to his arrest.
Peter Barlow's anger leads to his arrest. (Image credit: ITV)

Peter Barlow can’t contain his anger in tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

When Peter Barlow and Carla find out what Mr Thorne did, Peter angrily demands an apology and then declares that he’s going to put a stop to his abuse of power. Peter finds Mr Thorne in a restaurant and when Mr Thorne starts winding Peter up, he loses his temper and punches him! 

The police arrest Peter on suspicion of assault and at the police station, he is formally charged.

Peter throws a punch!

Peter throws a punch! (Image credit: ITV)

Summer reveals to Aadi that she’s joined a diabetic support group. Later, when he suggests that they could try again, she admits she’s fallen for someone else. 

Later, Summer meets up with Aaron from the diabetic support group and opens up about her bulimia. He’s taken aback and Summer worries that she’s scared him off.

Summer opens up to Aaron.

Summer opens up to Aaron. (Image credit: ITV)

George plucks up the courage to finally reveal that he suffers from sleep apnea and shows Eileen the mask provided by the doctor, telling he he hopes it will help. Sarah tells Kirk that from now on, all he has to do is answer the phone. 

Later, Jacob answers a call at the factory and pretending he’s Kirk, efficiently takes the client’s order. Sarah tells Carla that Kirk has secured a huge order with Danny Mintoff who’s been giving them the runaround for years. How will Jacob react?

Jacob covers for Kirk.

Jacob covers for Kirk. (Image credit: ITV)

Kelly finds Abi in Seb’s memorial garden and makes a shocking reveal that leaves him stunned…

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

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