EastEnders spoilers: Denise Fox gets flirty with Ravi Gulati!

Denise Fox has had enough of Jack Branning pushing her away.
Denise Fox has had enough of Jack Branning pushing her away. (Image credit: BBC)

Denise Fox escapes her marriage troubles in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Denise Fox is touched when Ravi Gulati thanks her for standing up for him to Suki and Nish Panesar over his wayward son Nugget Gulati.

The pair are soon bonding over the perils of parenting, especially when dealing with teenagers!

Meanwhile, Denise's stepdaughter Amy Mitchell bunks off school with Denzel Danes, as he begs her to get help for her problems.

Denise and husband Jack Branning are fuming when they find out the pair haven't turned up for class.  They've already been through the mill over Amy and Denzel's dramas.

A confrontation with Amy and Denzel gets nasty and Amy accuses Denise of not caring about her.

Jack wades into the row and ends up snapping at a hurt Denise. Not wanting to deal with Jack's attitude, Denise heads out to drown her sorrows alone at Peggy's. 

When Ravi sees her he heads over and lends a shoulder for her to cry on.

As the drinks flow, things get VERY flirty and Ravi offers to walk her home. On the way back, Ravi moves in for a kiss...

Will Denise respond?

Zack Hudson talks to Sharon Watts

Sharon Watts has concerns for Zack Hudson (Image credit: BBC)

Sharon Watts is worried that there's something really wrong with her brother Zack Hudson. Ever since old acquaintance Brett arrived in the Square he's been in a bad way.

Knowing that it won't get her far trying to push him into talking, Sharon gently tells Zack that she's always there for him if he needs to talk.

With Zack now seeming to have done a u-turn about being involved in his baby's life, Chelsea Fox is left suspicious. She attempts to talk some sense into him but is left frustrated.

Alone in the Walford East kitchen, Zack has a silly accident. It's the final straw and an already broken Zack ends up wracked with sobs.

Jean Slater celebrates her birthday

Jean has a family birthday at home. (Image credit: BBC)

Jean Slater is celebrating her 60th birthday but although she'd love a big bash, she tells a struggling Stacey Slater not to throw a party. 

After a rent rise hit the family hard then Stacey was landed with a big mechanic bill for her broken down food van, there's precious litlte money in the Slater family pot.

Stacey has a mini-celebration for Jean, which she's just as delighted by. The family gather round to wish Jean a happy birthday.

After talking to Harvey Monroe about the family's money problems the couple hit upon an idea...

Lola Pearce has a surprise for the family

Lola Pearce has a surprise for the family. (Image credit: BBC)

Also, Lola Pearce and Jay Brown frighten the family when they announce they have some news... But everyone's delighted when it's the good kind!

EastEnders continues on BBC One next week.