EastEnders spoilers: Eve Unwin has a proposal for Suki!

Eve Unwin is horrified by Suki Panesar's announcement
Eve Unwin is determined to win round Suki Panesar. (Image credit: BBC)

Eve Unwin has a plan to convince Suki Panesar to trust her again in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Eve Unwin has been determined to win Suki Panesar for herself. The return of Suki's husband Nish Panesar from prison put a stop to Suki and Eve's on-off romance, leaving a smitten Eve devastated.

The pair shared a passionate kiss at the New Year's Eve party at the Slaters' house, but sadly a resumption of their affair wasn't to be. A gas leak saw Eve collapsing, just as Nish walked in, narrowly avoiding him catching them in a clinch! 

Suki has has pushed Eve away ever since, regretting being tempted by her yet again.

After getting close to Nish in a bid to keep an eye on Suki, Eve has tried to find other ways to thaw Suki's heart but the constant rejection has been a struggle.

In a moment of spitefulness, the disgraced solicitor helped Nish trick Suki into signing over half her property empire to their son Vinny Panesar.

Suki Panesar has an announcement

Suki Panesar has a shock announcement to make! (Image credit: BBC)

When Eve overhears Sharon Watts talking about buying Mick Carter's half of the Vic to help out Linda Carter, Eve gets an idea...

Approaching Suki, she suggests that SHE could put a bid in on the Vic as a way to win back some control with the Panesar businesses. 

Hoping that the suggestion will also win back Suki's trust, she's in tenterhooks to know what she'll say.

Instead of driving a bigger wedge between Suki and Nish, Eve is stunned to find out that in fact, she's pushed them closer together. 

In the Vic, a smiling Suki announces that she and Nish are going to recommit their wedding vows!

A devastated Eve fears that she's lost Suki for good.

Lily Slater talks to Stacey Slater and Sam Mitchell

A pregnant Lily Slater fears she's putting too much on her family. (Image credit: BBC)

Lily Slater has been confused and upset ever since discovering that she had fallen pregnant to schoolfriend Ricky Mitchell. 

The youngsters only slept together once and they have been overwhelmed that the mistake has left them expecting a baby!

Now that Lily's dad Ryan Malloy has found out, rushing down from his home in Wakefield to check on her, Lily is worried that she's cause further trouble for her mum Stacey Slater.

Life has been hard for the Slater family in recent months, as they've been struggling to make ends met. 

Feeling guilty for the extra stress on Stacey over her shock news, Lily also worries that the family won't be able to afford to feed another mouth.

Feeling troubled that her actions have put too much strain on the family already, Lily makes a big decision...

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.