EastEnders spoilers: Eve Unwin has her heart broken

Suki Panesar upsets Eve Unwin
Eve Unwin is upset after coming to realisation about Suki Panesar. (Image credit: BBC)

Eve Unwin has her hopes dashed over Suki Panesar in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Eve Unwin is in a good mood after sharing a kiss with Suki Panesar the previous evening. Wanting to show Suki some support on her big day, she sets off to the opening of the Panesar's new GP surgery.

But instead of being happy to see her, Suki goes cold on her and barely manages a hello. A shocked Eve is hurt by Suki's attitude after things had been going so well between them.

Suki's distracted from any drama with Eve after a journalist turns up to cover the launch event. As she talks to Suki's daughter, Ash Panesar, Suki is horrified when the journalist drops a bombshell...

Has she got news for the Panesars?

After the launch event, Eve wants to talk to Suki about what happened between them the previous night. Alone with Eve, Suki feels more comfortable about being herself.

As they talk things through, Eve is heartbroken when she realises that although Suki wants to take things further between them, she'll never be open about being in a relationship with her.

Zack Hudson wants his car from Rocky Cotton

Zack Hudson wants his car back from Rocky Cotton. (Image credit: BBC)

Sam Mitchell know that Ben Mitchell can blow her secret at any moment about letting Tez carry on his drug dealing in the club.

Determined to take control of the situation, she decides to get her nephew onside by offering a job as co-manager of Peggy's!

Meanwhile, Zack Hudson wants to buy his old car back from the car lot and he begs Rocky Cotton to put it on reserve while he gets the cash together. 

He asks Sam for an advance on his wages at the club but he doesn't get very far... Ben takes his new role as boss FAR too seriously and starts pushing his weight around with a very unimpressed Zack.

Kat Slater gets a gift from Phil Mitchell

Kat Slater is delighted by Phil Mitchell's gift. (Image credit: BBC)

Kat Slater is in a mysteriously upset mood and Lily Slater is determined to get to the bottom of it!

Wanting to cheer Kat up, she suggests to mum Stacey Slater that they should throw a pre-wedding party for Kat and her fiance Phil Mitchell.

Later, Kat is touched when Phil gives her a sentimental gift and he pair share a moment together. 

She asks Phil how his plan to turn the tables on Keeble is shaping up and Phil confesses that he hasn't done too well yet.

Also, little Lexi Pearce overhears mum Lola Pearce joking with Jay Brown about being her 'boyfriend' the previous night and takes them seriously!

EastEnders continues on BBC Two on Thursday at 7:30 pm due to BBC One coverage of UEFA Women's Euros and the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. All of this week's episodes will be available on iPlayer from Monday