'EastEnders' spoilers: Gray Atkins knows Chelsea is lying!

Gray Atkins is suspicious in EastEnders
Gray Atkins is suspicious that his wife is up to something. (Image credit: BBC)

Gray Atkins catches Chelsea Atkins trying to pull the wool over his eyes in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Gray Atkins tells wife Chelsea Atkins that there's been some good news and little baby Jordan Atkins is now breathing on his own after being born very premature.

Although Chelsea is relieved, when Gray says they don't need to go to the hospital, she is frustrated, knowing that with Gray in the house she won't be able to get her passport to register Jordan's birth in secret.

After getting a message to Kheerat Panesar to say she can't leave the house, he drops by and suggests he take Gray to the Queen VIc for a drink to wet the baby's head now that Jordan is out of danger.

Gray agrees but when he returns home he finds Chelsea on the Square. After questioning where she's been, she insists that she just popped out to get milk and hasn't been out of the house long.

But Gray isn't buying Chelsea's story as she seems to be nervous. Will he find out where she's been?

Billy Mitchell finds something in EastEnders

Billy makes a very lucrative discovery! (Image credit: BBC)

Billy Mitchell has been asked to do a house clearance and he ropes in Rocky Cotton to help him out, although Rocky wants something in return!

In need of some way to carry things, Billy asks Karen Taylor if he can borrow her shopping trolley, saying she can take anything she wants from the house clearance in return.

After going through the stuff, Billy sees a lovely little doll that he thinks daughter Janet Mitchell would like. When he picks it up he gets much more than he bargained for, however, as a huge wad of money is hidden inside!

In usual Billy style, however, the luck doesn't go his way, as there are two dolls that look the same... He takes the wrong one and Karen picks up the one with the money it!

Janine Butcher is worried when Jean and Stacey Slater tell her that the social workers are going to see Kat Slate. They reveal that she's going to be assessed her for her suitability to take permanent care of Janine's daughter Scarlett Butcher.

Determined not to lose her daughter, Janine knows she needs some proof that she's secure and settled and she asks Mick Carter if she can give them the Queen Vic's address as her permanent residence.

What will he say?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7:30 pm.

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