EastEnders spoilers: Ravi Gulati attacks dying Nish!

Nish Panesar is attacked by Ravi Gulati
Ravi Gulati launches himself at dad Nish Panesar. (Image credit: BBC)

Ravi Gulati's buttons are pushed by dad Nish Panesar in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. See our TV Guide for full listings).

Ravi Gulati is furious that dad Nish Panesar is back in the Square and causing more chaos with the family.

After Nish's shock claim that he doesn't have long to live, the Panesars are stunned but, used to his lies, they accuse him of making things up.

Insisting that it's the truth, Nish's plea falls on deaf ears as he gets kicked out of the house. Determined to win the family round, he approaches former ally Priya Nandra-Hart to convince her that he's telling the truth.

After Ravi intervenes and tells Nish to leave Priya alone, Nish skulks around the Square, eventually finding grandson Nugget Gulati in McKlunky's. He appeals to Nugget to hear him out but before Nugget can answer, Ravi comes steaming in.

Angry to find Nish trying to manipulate his son, he attacks Nish, who collapses and is rushed to hospital...

George Knight behind the bar at the Queen Vic being approached by Cindy Beale

George Knight is reunited with Cindy Beale! (Image credit: BBC)

George Knight has been left dealing with a packed pub on his own after Elaine Peacock goes on a girls' night out with Gina Knight and Anna Knight.

The ladies are enjoying a few drinkis at Peggy's and Elaine is given food for thought when George's daughters try to convince her to forgive George for his kiss with their mum Cindy Beale, and take him back.

When Cindy walks into Peggy's, the girls make it quite clear that they're having some time with Elaine and are still angry with her.

Realising she's not wanted, Cindy heads to the Vic instead to find an overwhelmed George behind the bar. When Cindy offers to give him a hand, George feels forced to accept but it's not long before they're back to their old Marbella double act and having fun!

With Elaine on the verge of letting George out of the dog house, it's the worst scenario possible... 

She's horrified to get return to the Vic to find Cindy having a high old time with George!

Peter Beale talks to Lauren Branning in Beale's Eels restaurant

Peter Beale insists he'll be there for Lauren Branning. (Image credit: BBC)

Peter Beale and Lauren Branning ALMOST reignited their relationship after Lauren returned to the Square with their son Louie.

The estranged couple have been treading warily, however, keen to keep things on an even keel for their son.

After Lauren's recent run-in with Peter's mum Cindy Beale, who has thrown some spiteful words in her direction, Peter has come over all protective.

Grateful for Peter's support and the fact he's not judged her over her misguided hook-up with Zack Hudson, Lauren agrees to spend the evening with him.

Could it lead to something more?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.