EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean gets loved up with Zack!

Whitney Dean spends time with Zack Hudson
Whitney Dean is happy to spend time with Zack Hudson. (Image credit: BBC)

Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson are getting closer in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Whitney Dean was completely bowled over when Zack Hudson offered to cook her dinner. After all, the chef certainly knows his way round a kitchen!

Impressed by the spread he's laid on, Whitney soon settles into a cosy night in and it's not long before Zack's offering to give a pregnant Whitney a foot rub...

When Chelsea Fox and Felix Baker come home they're VERY intrigued to see how close the pair seem to be!

While Whitney heads to her room to get changed, Chelsea and Felix corner Zack to see exactly what he's been up to with their housemate. 

They advise him to make a go of things with Whitney, as it's clear that they both have real feelings for each other

Zack listens to what they have to say but will he take their advice on board?

Jean Slater is happy to see Harvey Monroe

Jean Slater is happy to see Harvey Monroe. (Image credit: BBC)

Freddie Slater has offered to cheer up Jean Slater by spending the night doing her favourite thing... Playing board games! 

But he was left in a bit of dilemma when Bobby Beale invited him out to a big night out in nearby Hackney.

It seems the lads have decided to honour Freddie's promise to Jean, as they settle down to play the games. But they're soon interrupted by an appearance from Harvey Monroe...

It's the perfect excuse for Freddie and Bobby to head out, leaving Jean alone with her ex-fiance. They pair have managed to rescue their friendship after Jean's breakdown and their subsequent split.

He's had his own romantic misadventures in the meantime, after Harvey was catfished by Dotty Cotton

After a lovely night with just the two of them, Jean is feeling happy and it's not long before they kiss!

Are Jean and Harvey back together?

Linda Henry started playing Shirley Carter in 2006.

Shirley Carter wants to repair her mistake with Scarlett Butcher. (Image credit: BBC)

Shirley Carter is still haunted by what happened over Christmas after the terrible events of the day. 

But her own part in what has happened has left her feeling guilty. She realises she's made a mistake and she decides to visit Scarlett Butcher to make things right with the young girl.

Will she be able to get through to Scarlett?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on New Year's Day at 6:30 pm.