EastEnders spoilers: Will Ben Mitchell tell Callum the truth?

Ben Mitchell reaches out to Callum Highway
Ben Mitchell is given food for thought about opening up to his ex. (Image credit: BBC)

Ben Mitchell tries to make things right with Callum Highway in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Ben Mitchell is touched when his ex Callum Highway attempts to offer him an olive branch. Mum Kathy Beale sees what's going on and, worried about her son, Kathy encourages him to tell Callum that he was raped by Lewis Butler.

With Callum still under the impression that Ben cheated on him, Kathy knows how important it is for Ben to reveal the trauma he's been through.

Finding it difficult to come to terms with his rape, Ben is reticent to open up to his ex. But when Kheerat Panesar gives Ben some good advice, he decides to ask him to meet with him.

Callum is surprised by Ben's request and has food for thought when brother Stuart Highway tells Callum he shouldn't have anything to do with him. Going against Stuart's advice, however, he agrees to meet.

After finding Ben in the Vic, Callum insists that he'll give him a chance to explain himself. With great difficulty, Ben starts to open up but before he can reveal the awful truth, he's distracted by an incident in the pub.

Frustrated that Ben is still being vague, Callum insists that Ben's lost his opportunity and promptly gets up and leaves.

A devastated Ben is comforted by Kathy as he struggles to deal with yet another set back.

Peter Beale is at odds with Kathy Beale

Peter Beale feels betrayed by Kathy Beale yet again. (Image credit: BBC)

Peter Beale has a visit from the police to update him on their attempts to find his attacker and they confess that they're not having much luck.

Peter is still stewing about the fact that uncle Ben Mitchell was the one who beat him up and that grandma Kathy Beale is insisting on keeping it quiet!

Although he's gone along with Kathy's request not to get Ben in trouble, he still feels that she's taking sides.

Kathy tries to make things up to him and prove that she loves him just as much but when she rushes off to support an upset Ben, Peter feels that his point has been proved.

Can Kathy win Peter round?

Mitch Baker with his brother Avery Baker

Mitch Baker can't forgive Avery Baker for the past (Image credit: BBC)

Mitch Baker is still insistent that he wants nothing to do with his brother Avery Baker after an old falling out that saw the brothers driven apart. Karen Taylor feels that enough time has passed and Mitch needs to reach out to him.

When Mitch gets some unexpected advice about letting bygones be bygones, he agrees to speak to Avery after all.

But the brothers are soon at odds again and Mitch insists that he leaves.

Can they ever resolve things between them?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm. All of this week's episodes will be available on iPlayer from Monday 11 July.