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EastEnders spoilers: Will Phil Mitchell murder Lewis?

Phil Mitchell finds Lewis Butler in the boot of the car
Phil Mitchell finds Lewis Butler tied up in the boot of the car! (Image credit: BBC)

Phil Mitchell is faced with a stark choice when Sam Mitchell serves up Lewis Butler in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Phil Mitchell is stunned when sister Sam Mitchell rocks up with a 'present' for him. He's told her that he wants nothing more to do with her after she was partially responsible for son Ben Mitchell's drugs overdose, but her words leave him intrigued.

Meanwhile, Ben is taking his recovery slowly now he's out of hospital and he asks to meet up with his ex Callum Highway. Although Callum agrees, their conversation doesn't end well, leaving Ben feeling broken.

After another blow when Lola Pearce tells Ben he can't see daughter Lexi Pearce until he gets professional help for his trauma, Ben makes a further shock discovery. Zack Hudson reveals what his aunt Sam has in mind for Lewis...

Sam confesses to Phil that she's got Ben's rapist Lewis Butler tied up in the boot of the car and she's retrieved a gun from the safe!

Insisting that Phil needs to get Mitchell-style justice for Ben, she encourages Phil to drive to a warehouse where they can finally deal with him for good.

Will Phil turn a gun on his son's abuser?

Honey Mitchell talks to Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell reckons his in with a chance with Honey Mitchell! (Image credit: BBC)

Honey Mitchell is trying to find her feet again now that she's newly single following her split from younger man Jay Brown. 

She and Sonia Fowler decide to get their hair done and Honey takes on a challenge to experience new things by saying 'yes' to everything!

When Eve Unwin sees an awkward exchange between Honey and her former hubby Billy Mitchell she encourages Billy to take Honey for a drink. 

It's no secret that Billy has always held a candle for Honey despite their break up years before and Billy vows to try and win her back. But he's stunned when another suitor gets in first... 

Mr Lister has had a mini makeover and, all spruced up, he asks Honey for a lunch date! Still going with her 'say yes to everything' vow, Honey reluctantly agrees, much to poor Billy's dismay!

Ravi Gulati gives Suki Panesar a warning

Ravi Gulati gives Suki Panesar a stark warning. (Image credit: BBC)

Ravi Gulati is frustrated when he sees that Minute Mart is closed yet again, after he specifically told Suki Panesar to carry on as normal.

The pair are hiding the fact that Ravi's dad Ranveer Gulati met a grisly end in Suki's house. 

Ex-con Ravi might be able to play it cool as a cucumber but Suki is struggling and she's rattled when Ravi gives her a reality check. He makes sure she realises that if she doesn't sort out her behaviour she's going to end up in jail for a VERY long time.

Later, Suki and Ravi announce to the Panesar family that they've gone into business to buy Walford East from Kathy Beale. 

But will Kheerat, Ash and Vinny Panesar really care now that they've completely fallen out with their mum?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.