EastEnders spoilers: Zack Hudson's cheat secret is out!

Sam Mitchell makes Zack Hudson a promise
Zack Hudson is torn over whether to confess to his hook up with Sam Mitchell but will the matter be taken out of his hands? (Image credit: BBC)

Zack Hudson struggles to keep his hook up with Sam Mitchell a secret from Nancy Carter in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Zack Hudson wakes up the morning after his drunken night with Sam Mitchell full of regret for what happened. Wracked with guilt, he feels even worse when he gets a delivery of a thoughtful gift from girlfriend Nancy Carter.

With Sam still in the house, he's keen to get her out as quick as possible. He admits to Martin Fowler that he cheated on Nancy and after a heart-to-heart decides to tell Nancy the truth.

After steeling himself to confess his betrayal he's stopped in his tracks when Nancy, feeling bad about the way she's been treating him recently, apologises for her behaviour.

Not wanting to ruin their relationship completely, he decides to keep the shock revelation to himself. When Sam promises him that she's not going to tell anyone about their hookup, it seems the secret is well and truly buried.

When Kathy Beale mentions she's putting up a plaque in The Albert to commemorate the murdered Tina Carter, Zack thinks it's a great idea and suggests that they throw a party to unveil it. But the party is ruined when Nancy furiously confronts Zack, revealing she knows he slept with Sam!

How has she discovered the truth?

Whitney Dean checks on Chelsea Fox

Chelsea Fox has been worrying about leaving Jordan to go to work. (Image credit: BBC)

Chelsea Fox is feeling on edge after going to work in the club. Her baby son Jordan has been under the weather and she's nervous that something's really wrong.

Sharon Watts realises how ill at ease Chelsea is feeling and, full of sympathy, she asks Chelsea's mum Denise Fox to pop over. Denise reveals they've installed a video baby monitor specifically so Chelsea can see Jordan while she's at work to put her mind at rest.

After her shift, Sharon asks Chelsea to stay for a couple of drinks, but she's unaware that there's a drama going on back at home...

When Chelsea gets back to the house she is horrified to discover paramedics attending to Jordan.

Kheerat Panesar talks to Vinny Panesar and Suki Panesar

Kheerat Panesar finds his family's interfering very frustrating! (Image credit: BBC)

Stacey Slater is enjoying officially being Kheerat Panesar's girlfriend, even though they're keeping things under wraps. It's been a while since they agreed to be a couple, however, and Stacey is concerned that Kheerat's not told his family about her because he's embarrassed to admit it.

Mortified by Stacey's assumption, Kheerat reassures Stacey that he's avoided telling his interfering mum Suki Panesar as he'd rather they enjoy their time together for now rather than dealing with her constant meddling.

But is he telling the truth?

Also, Peter Beale encourages Dana Monroe to talk things through with her ex Bobby Beale but will Bobby convince her to try again?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.