'Emmerdale' spoilers: Does Al Chapman want to get back with Priya Sharma?

Emmerdale's Al Chapman
What does Al Chapman want from Priya Sharma? (Image credit: ITV)

It looks like Emmerdale's Al Chapman wants to win back his ex-fiancée Priya Sharma in Monday’s episode (ITV, 7.00pm see our TV Guide for listings).

Al and Priya were engaged once upon a time, but it all came to an end when she discovered that he was cheating on her with Debbie Dingle!

When Priya then got together with his son, Ellis, Al thought that she was trying to get back at him and it would be short-lived. But some months later, Priya and Ellis were still going strong and Al’s never got over the fact that his ex is now with his son.

After suffering severe burns in the Maize Maze at the end of the Survival Challenge, Priya has been in hospital receiving treatment but she’s back at home now. 

Her ordeal isn’t over yet though because she’s still in terrible pain and she’s devastated that she will need another skin graft with no guarantee that it will be a success, so she’s not really in the mood for visitors or people fussing around her. 

Priya Sharma in Emmerdale

Priya's been in hospital receiving treatment for her burns.  (Image credit: ITV)

In tonight’s episode, Priya has a nightmare brought on by the pain of her injuries which leaves her dad Rishi at a loss over how to help her so he convinces Ellis to pay her a visit Priya, but it doesn’t go well…

Ellis Chapman in Emmerdale

Ellis pays Priya a visit. (Image credit: ITV)

A misunderstanding leads Priya to lash out at Ellis and throw all kinds of accusations at him which leave him reeling.

Priya Sharma in Emmerdale

Priya has a few choice words for Ellis! (Image credit: ITV)

When Al hears that all is not sweetness and light between Priya and Ellis, he spots an opportunity to take advantage of the situation…

Al was intrigued to hear that Priya had called his name when she came round after the fire. Does he think she still holds a torch for him?

What sort of welcome will he get when we waltzes over to Holdgate to see her?

Chas and Paddy in Emmerdale

Chas and Paddy steal Kim's racehorse. (Image credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Chas has had enough of Kim treating Paddy like a puppet so she hatches a plan to put an end to La Tate’s control over her husband…

Before you know it, Chas and Paddy have kidnapped Kim’s racehorse and stashed it in Moira’s barn, but will Kim give in to their ransom demands?

Gabby Thomas in Emmerdale

Gabby doesn't want to be stuck at home with baby Thomas. (Image credit: ITV)

Also tonight… Marlon tells April that he’s worried about her, and she admits that she’s been struggling in the wake of Cathy’s bullying, while new mum Gabby’s frustrated that her friends are out partying while she is stuck indoors with a baby and it’s not long before Bernice and Kim find themselves saddled with little Thomas.

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