'Emmerdale' spoilers: Tracy Metcalfe's fears about baby Frankie get worse

Tracy Metcalfe chats to Wendy in the village
Tracy Metcalfe's not happy with Wendy. (Image credit: ITV)

Tracy’s fears for baby Frankie escalate in the first of Thursday’s episodes of Emmerdale on ITV from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Tracy’s (Amy Walsh) fear of germs making baby Frankie sick has already caused her to have one mini meltdown this week and in tonight’s episode the struggling mum freaks out again.

For the past few weeks, Tracy’s been getting herself into a right old state over baby Frankie’s health and safety and, despite having her own doubts about being up to the job, she’s come to the conclusion that she’s the only person who can keep her daughter free from harm.

Yesterday, Tracy’s partner Nate (Jurell Carter) asked her to return to work so they could have some extra money coming in. Despite hating the idea of having to leave Frankie in the care of someone else. Tracy reluctantly agreed. But when she returned to her job at the B&B, she  spent the whole time worrying about her baby and couldn’t get back home fast enough to make sure her daughter was okay.

Things weren’t helped by the fact that Lydia (Karen Blick), who was supposed to be looking after Frankie, had fallen ill and Nate arranged for his gran Faith (Sally Dexter) to step into the breach!

It turned out that Tracy’s shift at the B&B was her last because she later decided she wasn’t going to go back.

She made the decision after freaking out when she got home to find childminder Faith picking Frankie’s dummy off the floor and about to give it back to the baby.

Tracy bumps into Wendy in the village

Tracy panics after Wendy touches baby Frankie. (Image credit: ITV)

Tonight, she has another panic over germs when she bumps into nurse Wendy who works at the surgery.

As Wendy (Susan Cookson) reminds Tracy that Frankie is due to have some jabs the following day, the paranoid mum is uncomfortable to see the nurse handing her baby with unwashed hands.

Worried that Frankie is covered in germs, Tracy wipes her daughter’s face but is stricken when she accidentally scratches the baby’s face in the process.

Emmerdale continues on Thursday 24 June at 8pm on ITV. The soap's usual schedule has changed because of Euro 2020 - see our TV Guide for full listings.