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'Emmerdale' spoilers: Will Meena Jutla kill her sister Manpreet on Christmas Day?

Meena Jutla
Meena has got murder on her mind this Christmas. (Image credit: ITV)

Meena Jutla, Emmerdale's secret serial killer, is on the attack when her suspicious sister Manpreet crosses a line in Christmas Day's hour-long episode (7.00pm – see our TV Guide for full listings).

Having been dumped by Billy, Emmerdale's serial killer Meena's not in the best frame of mind on Christmas Day. 

She's utterly humiliated to be have been left for another woman, yet again, and is now busily trying to ruin her love rival Dawn's life!

But try as Meena might to split Billy and Dawn, even a claim that she's pregnant hasn't worked. 


Billy and Dawn are back together in spite of Meena's bombshell that she's 'pregnant'. (Image credit: ITV)

Now, as Meena ramps up her evil campaign, Manpreet gets on her case and ends up a target…

The siblings' relationship is already in tatters following Meena's lies to Charles which ended Manpreet's chance to reunite with the vicar.

But for Manpreet it's become more than that. She's been told her sister's a killer!


Manpreet was shocked when Carol told her she believed Meena killed her sister Nadine whose death was considered suicide. (Image credit: ITV)

Though Manpreet's loathe to believe accusation – which was levelled by Carol, the sister of Meena's dead school friend Nadine – she's alarmed to say the least.

On Christmas Day, Meena seethes when Manpreet gets in the way as she tries to trash ex-junkie Dawn to Social Services.

She's thrilled with her own cunning when Manpreet appears to buy her cover story. But if she had seen her sibling's eyes narrow, she'd realise Manpreet hasn't bought it at all.

Returning to the task in hand, rubbishing Dawn, Meena heads over to Woodbine to plant some heroin she's scored. But Manpreet interrupts her. Again! 

As Meena tries to scarper, Manpreet grabs her and the drugs to fall to the ground…

By now Manpreet's utterly disgusted and demands answers.

With Meena used to literally getting away with murder, she's not at all happy with the turn of events. So when her sister then questions the validity of her pregnancy it's an accusation too far.


Meena is frustrated when Manpreet spoils her campaign to trash love rival Dawn. (Image credit: ITV)

As Meena scarily turns on her sister, Manpreet sees a side of Meena that she's never seen before. In horror, she realises Carol's killer accusation might actually be right…

When Meena grabs a broken bottle and goes after Manpreet, will she succeed in silencing her sister?


Will Manpreet get bumped off by her serial killer sister Meena? (Image credit: ITV)

For Al, Christmas Day is also a horror story. 

He's under pressure to get the Woolie closed and turned into flats. But with Marlon and Chas refusing to give up on the pub Al's not managed to ruin the village boozer.

After reading a threatening text from Gavin, horrified Al clocks his boss in the village casually chatting to Al's son Ellis.

Knowing it's now or never, he comes up with a drastic plan to exit his nightmare. What's Al got in store for the Woolie?


It's crunch time at the Woolpack for desperate Al. (Image credit: ITV)

At Home Farm, Will is all over the place.

Flirty Bernice has called him on his feelings for her – and laid hers bare. But she wants him to choose between her and Kim!

On a festive walk with Kim – who knows all about Bernice's ultimatum – Will panics when he spots the shallow grave where he buried Malone. It's empty!


Will panics when he finds Malone's shallow grave is empty – but Kim can explain… (Image credit: ITV)

He's stunned when Kim explains she's removed the corpse from her land so he doesn't feel beholden to her.

Touched by Kim's gesture, Will's mind is made up and he proposes!

But how will Bernice react? And is Kim uncharacteristic kindness to be believed?


Will proposes to Kim! (Image credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, Sam hopes to give Lydia the perfect day; grieving dad Liam tries to make it through his first Christmas without his daughter Leanna; and Harriet walks away from St Mary's after performing her last service.


Harriet performs her last church service! (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale continues nightly at from 7.00pm on ITV.

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