'Holby City' spoilers: ANGRY Donna Jackson hits out at Fletch!

Jaye Jacobs plays Donna Jackson in Holby City
After Jeni’s dangerous scheme was exposed, Donna Jackson becomes over-protective of Mia. (Image credit: BBC1)

It’s the day of young Mia’s check-up following her ectopic pregnancy trauma and nurse Donna Jackson (Jaye Jacobs) vows to ensure her daughter comes to no further harm in next week’s Holby City (BBC1, 7.50pm – see our TV Guide for listings). 

Blaming Fletch and Evie for getting Mia involved in his lover Jeni’s grooming scheme, Donna forbids Mia to talk to them. But, although she’s annoyed with Fletch, it’s obvious Donna thinks she’s failed Mia in some way and tries to make amends by mollycoddling her. However, her over-protectiveness only serves to drive Mia away… 

Mia in Holby City

Donna fusses over Mia, who just wants to be listened to. (Image credit: BBC1)

Meanwhile, Lucky has been brought out of her coma, but there’s clearly something wrong and she needs careful monitoring. However, Donna’s so pre-occupied with Mia, she neglects Lucky’s care and her condition deteriorates. 

A total disaster IS averted and later Donna and Mia are able to reunite, but it doesn’t look like things will be that simple as Fletch comes to deliver an olive branch to Donna. Is their long-standing friendship beyond repair?

Alex Walkinshaw plays Fletch in Holby City

Will Donna ever be able to find it in herself to forgive her old friend Fletch? (Image credit: BBC1)

Meanwhile, with Eli’s pioneering - and expensive - stent trial on hold due to funding, Jac meets Jo Fields, a university representative assessing Holby’s suitability for the Proton Beam Therapy trials, which Jac secretly hopes will work on her own brain tumour. Despite Jac’s best efforts, Jo’s unimpressed - due to a series of mishaps involving Josh.

Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge plays Josh Hudson in Holby City

Josh's struggles put him in the firing line with Jac. (Image credit: BBC1)

Fortunately, as Josh later manages to persuade Jo to include Holby in the trial. It looks like he’s been successful - but will it be enough to win over the formidable Jac Naylor?

Also, Kylie and Louis are all giddy about going on their first date but Kylie gets an almighty shock when Mel suddenly returns to Holby! 

Amy Murphy plays Kylie in Holby City

There's high drama for Kylie when Mel returns to Holby. (Image credit: BBC1)

As Mel tries to drive a wedge between them, will Louis step up and show his commitment to Kylie?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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