‘Holby City’ spoilers: Who is the new doc on the block Eli Ebrahimi?

Holby City - Davood Ghadami plays Eli Ebrahimi
Confident surgeon Eli Ebrahimi ruffles feathers at Holby City. (Image credit: BBC)

A new NHS improvement director turns up at Holby City (BBC1, 7.50pm – see our TV Guide for listings) next week, alongside two formidable new staff members - arrogant CT surgeon Eli Ebrahimi (played by ex-EastEnders star Davood Ghadami) and senior nurse Madge Britton, and their arrival sends shockwaves through the team.

There are stunned faces all round as the improvement director is someone who used to work at Holby, and it seems they have ambitious plans for the hospital involving Eli and Madge.

Keen to show everyone they mean business, the trio immediately starts making sweeping changes at the hospital. Tough-talker Madge assesses AAU and soon rubs Ange up the wrong way when she makes it clear she's unimpressed with the way it's being run. Ange tries not to take it personally - but she's obviously rattled by Madge's presence.

Clare Burt plays Madge Britton in Holby City

Madge is soon making her presence felt on AAU. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Eli wastes no time in ruffling a few feathers on Darwin, as its new clinical lead. He swiftly informs Max McGerry about her role in the new structure and makes Chloe an offer she can't refuse.

Eli is focused on a pioneering new trial but when his patient starts to deteriorate and he has cross words with his superior about how they should progress, will Eli's precious trial be over before it has begun?

Davood Ghadami plays Eli Ebrahimi in Holby City

Will Eli be able to make his mark at Holby City? (Image credit: BBC)

Also, Ange gets some bad news, Kylie has to fend off unwanted advances from a difficult patient, and Dominic starts looking into ways to treat mum Carole’s condition. But does she need him to be her doctor or her loving son?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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