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Amazon's 'The Wheel of Time' — release date, cast, trailer, first look pictures, plot and more

First Look! Amazon's The Wheel Of Time with Rosamund Pike as Moiraine (centre).
First Look! Amazon's The Wheel Of Time with Rosamund Pike as Moiraine (centre). (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Amazon's The Wheel of Time is tipped to be the biggest fantasy show of 2021 when it arrives at the end of November! Based on Robert Jordan’s best-selling novels, the Amazon Prime Video series takes place in a sprawling, magical world and stars Gone Girl actor Rosamund Pike as Moiraine, a member of a powerful all-female organisation of magic users who embarks on an epic journey to save humanity. The six-part series has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Rafe Judkins as showrunner.

So here’s what we know so far about the world-spanning fantasy saga The Wheel of Time

Amazon's The Wheel of Time release date

The first three episodes of The Wheel of Time Season One will premiere worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 19 November 2021 with new episodes available each Friday following, leading up to the season finale on Christmas Eve December 24. 

Amazon's The Wheel of Time plot

The Wheel of Time follows Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), a member of the Aes Sedai, a potent all-female organisation of magic users. She takes a group of five young people on a dangerous journey around the world, believing one of the five might be the reincarnation of the Dragon Reborn, a powerful individual prophesied to either save the humanity or destroy it. 

The Wheel of Time poster.

The Wheel of Time poster. (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Is there a trailer for The Wheel of Time?

Amazon Prime have now released an official trailer The Wheel of Time, which gives fans a glimpse of Rosamund Pike in her role as Moiraine. There’s also a first look poster (above).

Amazon's The Wheel of Time cast — Rosamund Pike as Moiraine

British actor Rosamund Pike leads the cast as series magical heroine Moiraine, who embarks on a dangerous journey to save the world. The star made her big screen debut as Bond girl Miranda Frost in 2002’s Die Another Day. She went on to play Jane Bennet in Pride & Prejudice (2005), Helen in the 1960s-set coming-of-age drama An Education (2009), and ruthless Amy Dunne in the twisty-turny thriller Gone Girl (2014). She’s recently took on the role of Marie Curie in the biopic Radioactive and won a Golden Globe for playing cold-hearted con artist Marla Grayson in I Care A Lot – and you may also recognise her voice from TV’s Moominvalley and Thunderbirds Are Go!

Rosamund Pike as Marla Grayson in I Care A Lot on Amazon Prime.

The Wheel Of Time star Rosamund Pike as Marla Grayson in I Care A Lot. (Image credit: Netflix)

Who else is starring?

Josha Stradowski will portray Rand al’Thor in The Wheel Of Time which is his first major TV role. The Dutch actor is joined by Marcus Rutherford (Bulletproof), Zoë Robins (Black Christmas), Barney Harris (The Hollow Crown) and Madeleine Madden (Picnic at Hanging Rock). Sophie Okonedo (Modern Love, Hotel Rwanda) rounds out the main cast as Siuan Sanche, a good friend of Moiraine’s who becomes the elected leader of the Aes Sedai in the books. 

The Wheel Of Time.

Rand (Josha Stradowski) with Egwene in Amazon's The Wheel Of Time. (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Modern Love Season 2 has a story with Tobias Menzies and Sophie Okonedo.

The Wheel Of Time star Sophie Okonedo recently appeared in Modern Love Season 2.  (Image credit: Amazon Prime)

The Wheel of Time — the original novels by Robert Jordan

The Wheel of Time is one of the most popular fantasy series of all time, with over 90 million books sold. Written by American author Robert Jordan, the series spans 15 volumes, with the first book, The Eye of the World, published in 1990. Robert Jordan died in 2007, but the final three volumes were completed by fellow fantasy author Brandon Sanderson after Robert Jordan left extensive notes, which also paves the way for potential future series of the TV adaptation!

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