Brassic season 4: start date, cast, plot and everything we know

Joe Gilgun, Michelle Keegan and Damien Molony in Brassic season 4.
Brace yourselves for a wild ride in season 4 of Brassic. (Image credit: Sky Max)

Brassic season 4 is here, bringing Vinnie, Dylan, Tommo, Ashley, JJ and Cardi back to our screens to cause more mayhem in the Sky Max comedy. 

This time around viewers can expect more wild and wacky schemes involving severed body parts, wayward greyhounds and even a posh murder mystery night... and that's just the tip of the iceberg! 

Here's everything we know about Brassic season 4...

Brassic season 4: When does it start?

Brassic returns for eight brand-new (mis)adventures on Wednesday, September 7 at 10pm, Sky Max and streaming service NOW. All eight episodes will also be available on demand.

There is no air date for the US yet, but we will update this guide as soon as one is announced. In the meantime, you can catch up on past seasons on Hulu. 

Brassic season 4: What's the plot?

Well, Erin (Michelle Keegan) is still in hiding following her involvement with crime boss Terence McCann last series. On discovering her whereabouts, Vinnie (Joe Gilgun) uses a road trip to deepest Wales as an excuse to track her down and bring her back to Hawley. But, as always, trouble is never far away. And now there’s a new menace hot on their tails — The MacDonagh Brothers — who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Can Vinnie avoid getting involved?

"Every time you open a Brassic script for the first time, you wonder what outlandish situations the gang are gonna find themselves in and series four doesn’t disappoint," says Damien Molony, who plays Dylan. "There’s cannibals, greyhounds, a mobile erotic parlor and two new terrifying baddies, the MacDonagh brothers. The lovable idiots that they are, the gang get into far more trouble than they can handle!"

Brassic Ashley Vinnie Dylan Cardi

Back in business: (L-R) Ashley, Vinnie, Dylan and Cardi go on a road trip to deepest Wales on the hunt for Erin. (Image credit: Sky Max)

Brassic: Does Vinnie manage to track down Erin?

"He does... spoiler alert,' teases Michelle Keegan, who returns as Erin. "Because of her involvement with gangster Terence McCann, Erin was concerned for her safety so, at the end of the last series, did a runner with her son Tyler (Coronation Street’s Jude Riordan) and left Vinnie a note. As this series begins, Vinnie tracks Erin down in a caravan park in the middle of Wales and brings her and Tyler back to Hawley."

Brassic: Will we see Vinnie and Erin getting together this series?

"Since the beginning, it's always been a 'will they, won't they' relationship," explains Michelle. "But, with Erin’s ex-boyfriend and Vinnie’s best mate Dylan in the picture, it’s a love triangle from all angles: Erin loves Dylan, Dylan loves Vinnie, Vinnie loves Erin and Erin loves Vinnie. That makes it so hard for Vinny and Erin to get together. There is a moment in this series where Vinnie and Erin do come together. I won’t say too much but the audience will be pleased."

Michelle Keegan plays Erin in Brassic

Vinnie has always held a torch for Erin (Michelle Keegan). Does she feel the same about him? (Image credit: Sky Max)

Brassic: What do the new baddies — the MacDonagh Brothers — bring to this series?

"Davey and Barry MacDonagh (played by Neil Ashton and Greg Wood) are interesting because one of them talks and one of them doesn't. Barry, who doesn't talk, is truly terrifying. Greg, who plays him, is such a brilliant actor. He just walks into a room and is so threatening," says Damien, with Michelle adding: "I actually think Davey is more terrifying than McCann was. Because it’s a comedy role, Davey’s very unpredictable. You’re wondering, is he a nice guy or is he not? Which makes him more menacing."

Vinnie with the MacDonagh brothers in Brassic

The MacDonaghs want Vinnie to work with them. And they won't take no for an answer. (Image credit: Sky Max)

Brassic: Do the gang think they can work with the MacDonaghs?

Against Vinnie's better judgement, yes, they do. But it proves to be risky business...

"The gang are extremely wary of them," reveals Damien. "From my character Dylan’s point of view, he’s always had a life outside of the gang when, suddenly, this series, the gang's all he’s got left. When Erin has this amazing idea to build a community centre in the village, Dylan decides to get involved with the MacDonaghs in a poker game, thinking he’ll win and give the money straight to Erin for the community centre; it’s currency for him to remind her that he’s still there. But getting into bed with the MacDonaghs is entering very dangerous territory…"

Damien Molony plays Dylan in Brassic

Does Dylan (Damien Molony) get in over his head playing poker? (Image credit: Sky Max)

Brassic: Will series four make me laugh... and cry?

Once again, Brassic takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Each episode will have you laughing out loud one minute and tugging at your heartstrings the next...

"What people love most about Brassic is its core theme of love and friendship; no matter what trouble they get into, the gang is so tight," says Damien, with Michelle adding: "You always want the characters to win, one way or another, whether it's with love, getting a job or finding happiness. You love every single character in the gang and, when you watch the show, you feel you’re part of the gang. So you laugh with them and cry with them. That's what makes this show so special.

Brassic: Is there a trailer?

You bet! Having seen the first few episodes of series four, can confirm that this teaser barely scratches the surface of what's to come for Vinnie and the gang...

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