Dogs In The Wild: Meet The Family — release date, episode guide and all about the series narrated by Chris Packham

Dogs In The Wild: Meet The Family will introduce us to the world's most remarkable dogs.
Dogs In The Wild: Meet The Family will introduce us to the world's most remarkable dogs. (Image credit: BBC)

Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family is a fascinating nature watch on BBC1. With 37 different species in the family, wild dogs are the most widespread carnivores on the planet and include wolves, foxes, jackals and dogs. Now, in this new three-part series narrated by Chris Packham, we learn how they have managed to thrive in the most unlikely places, from the rugged peaks of the Himalayas to the baking Sahara desert. Filmed over a year, the series follows 22 different species, from the long-legged Maned wolf to the tiny fennec fox, and looks at the unique skills each one has developed in order to survive. 

“Wild dogs have conquered almost every continent and every habitat on earth, thriving in some of the toughest places and adopting incredible behaviours to overcome all of life’s challenges,” says Chris Packham. “They are intelligent, resourceful and remarkably resilient.” 

Here’s everything you need to know about the BBC1 documentary series Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family

Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family release date 

The first episode of Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family arrives on BBC1 on Wednesday December 28 2022 at 8pm. It's a three-part series with each subsequent episode released on Tuesday  January 4 2023 and Tuesday January 11, both on BBC One. You can catch up with the whole series as a box set on BBCiPlayer after the first episode has been shown. We'll update with any US or international release dates and channel when we hear.

What happens in Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family

Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family tells the stories of many of the world’s wild dogs, showing how they survive in their individual habitats.  With Chrias Packham narrating if reveals emotional tales, such as that of the swift fox raising cubs alone after the death of her mate, and showcases their extraordinary skills. Take a look at our guide to all three episodes below...

Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family episode guide

Episode 1: Wednesday December 28
We are introduced to many of the remarkable members of the wild dog family. We see the ‘shape shifting’ master of camouflage, the Tibetan fox hunting pika and the fennec fox surviving in the Sahara desert against the odds. We meet the talkative dholes in India and the Maned wolf, who loves to snack on lobeira berries. 

Episode 2: Wednesday January 4 
The wild dog species have all honed their special talents and this episode focuses on the secrets behind their survival. There’s Arctic foxes, who eat berries to get them through lean winters, and black-backed jackals using their incredible athleticism to hunt birds at a watering hole. We watch the hard-working endeavours of a single-mum swift fox and see tree-climbing gray foxes. We also meet the tanukis, or raccoon dogs, thriving in Japan’s busy capital Tokyo. 

Episode 3: Wednesday January 11
The final episode joins the scientists and researchers who go to great lengths to understand and save these creatures. We see how vets and conservationists in southern Africa are trying to stop African wild dogs dying from broken heart syndrome and meet Brazilian farmers hoping to help the maned wolf species survive. There’s good news as we witness how the golden jackal is thriving, but we also hear how less than 20 red wolves remain in the wild. 

The fennec fox survives in the Sahara.

The fennec fox survives in the Sahara. (Image credit: BBC)

All about Chris Packham

Wildlife expert Chris Packham presents the hugely popular Springwatch, Winterwatch and Autumnwatch. He’s a regular when it comes to nature shows, having hosted Earth Live, Curious Creatures, Nature’s Weirdest Events and many more. He also fronted Asperger’s and Me in 2017, after his own diagnosis, and in 2020 he made the programme Chris Packham: Forever Punk. Last year he teamed up with his stepdaughter Megan McCubbin to host Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer

The Walk That Made Me

Chris Packham has bee a regular host of British nature shows. (Image credit: Image Credit: BBC/Atypical Media Ltd/Tim Smith)

Is there a trailer for Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family? 

No but this BBC1 series is definitely worth waiting for. 

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