Drift — Partners in Crime: release date, cast, plot, trailer and all about the action-packed German thriller

Drift — Partners In Crime starts on Sky Atlantic.
Drift — Partners In Crime starts on Sky Atlantic. (Image credit: Sky)

Drift — Partners in Crime is a German thriller directed by Tim Trachte with Ken Duken (see pictured above) and Fabian Busch as warring brothers Ali and Leo Zeller. The drama sees the the pair thrown together in order to uncover the truth behind a shocking conspiracy.

The pair are both police officers and have been estranged for a decade but they are forced to work together when Ali finds himself framed for a botched police operation that sees a bridge collapse, killing five people and injuring many others. As the brothers realise they must take on some powerful enemies, they must put aside their traumatic past and fight for their lives together. 

The brothers' quest for the truth takes them from the Bavarian Alps to the streets of Athens and the dirt tracks of the Peloponnese, and all the while Ali and Leo must work out who they can really trust. 

“I think what's exciting and special about our series is that it's packed with action, but the action is never the main focus,” says Fate: The Winx Saga star Ken Duken, who plays Ali. “Basically, Drift is a ping-pong between brother drama and buddy comedy: Two boys who try to do everything right, and in the process get deeper and deeper into a vortex from which they can no longer find their way out.” 

Here’s everything you need to know about the fast-paced thriller Drift — Partners In Crime

Fabian Busch and Ken Duken with Tim Trachte at the German launch of the show.

Fabian Busch and Ken Duken with director Tim Trachte at the German launch of the show. (Image credit: Getty)

Drift — Partners in Crime release date  

Drift – Partners in Crime will launch in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW from Friday March 24 2023. 

Drift — Partners In Crime had its world premiere in Germany on December 31 2022. We will update with the US channels and release date when we can.

Is there a Drift — Partners in Crime trailer? 

Yes Sky has released a trailer for Drift — Partners in Crime and you can watch it here.

Drift — Partners in Crime plot

Drift — Partners in Crime follows Ali (Ken Duken), a police officer who is called upon to transport a prisoner across the mountains. But the operation goes disastrously wrong when their car is ambushed and the ensuing chase leads to a bridge collapsing. As Ali recovers in hospital, he realises he’s being framed for the catastrophe and turns to his estranged brother Leo, also a police officer, to help him seek out the truth. But to move forward, the pair must put their traumatic past behind them. 

“The way the two of them approach each other is not only bumpy, but also slippery,” explains Fabian Busch, who plays Leo. “You keep slipping, holding onto each other, only to be like, ‘dude, let go of me’. That's their relationship. I would say that on the one hand they somehow need each other, but on the other hand they don't want to admit it. They are extremely different and absolutely balanced in this perfect difference. Leo has a great longing for what used to be.”

On the case in Drift — Partners In Crime.

On the case in Drift — Partners In Crime. (Image credit: Sky)

Who's in the cast?

The main two stars and characters in Drift — Partners in Crime are...

Ken Duken as Ali Zeller
Ken plays martial-arts loving cop, Ali who finds himself blamed for a national disaster. He starred in the movie Inglourious Basterds and has also been in Chalet Girl, Max Manus: Man of War and Professionals. Ken plays Andreas in Fate: The Winx Saga

Fabian Busch as Leo Zeller
Fabian plays Ali’s estranged brother, Leo. He’s also been in Look Who’s Back, The Reader, Der Spalter and Dead End

Who else is starring? 

Other stars of Drift — Partners in Crime include Mona Pirzad (Start the Fck Up) who plays Ali’s girlfriend, lawyer Maryam Soltani. 

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