'Keeping Faith' Season 2 refresher — everything you need to know

Eve Myles in Keeping Faith
Eve Myles in Keeping Faith. (Image credit: BBC)

Keeping Faith Season 2 first aired in 2019, and picked up after the dramatic events of Keeping Faith Season 1

After Faith found out the truth about her husband Evan, and his criminal involvement, both her professional and personal lives were affected by his decisions. At the end of the first season, Faith (Eve Myles) found herself in a court custody battle for her three children, and at the end of the episode Evan took them away in a dramatic twist.

If you need reminding what happened in the second season, we've put together this recap of all the key events that took place. As ever, this will contain spoilers!

Please note all three series are currently available to watch on iPlayer in the UK and there's also other options below on where to watch it depending on where you are in the world. 

What happened in Keeping Faith Season 2?

The season picks up eighteen months after Evan’s disappearance, and sees Faith drawn into a new mystery when she represents a local farmer accused of murdering her husband. But her professional problems are the least of her worries, as she's also dealing with the fallout of Evan's shocking return at the end of Season 1. 

At the beginning of Season 2, Faith and Evan share an emotional reunion at their home before he hands himself into police.Then, we see Evan nearly halfway into a four-year prison sentence for getting involved with criminal family the Glynns.

Faith busies herself with her new case, attempting to help Madlen Vaughn after she's accused of murdering her husband. But despite her best efforts, Madlen ends up confessing to his murder at the very end of Season 2. On top of this, local crime Gael Reardon flees town following a heated row with Faith. But have we seen the last of her?

What happens between Faith and Evan?

Since Season 1, the relationship between Faith and Evan has been incredibly strained, once we learned the truth about what Evan had been up to behind Faith's back. At the end of Season 2, Evan is released from prison and gets into a confrontation between him and Faith, which sees him attempt to stab himself with a kitchen knife before packing a bag and abandoning his family for the second time. So it's clear that this marriage is well and truly over!

Meanwhile, Faith's feelings for Steve continue as the two share a touching moment on the beach, suggesting we could see more from this potential romance in upcoming episodes.

Is there a Season 3?

Yes, Keeping Faith Season 3 aired on BBC1 this year, and episodes can be found on demand via iPlayer. If you've already seen episodes and you need a reminder, check out our Keeping Faith Season 3 guide for everything you need to know about the final episodes of the thriller.