Keeping Faith season 3 — plot guide, cast and everything you need to know

Keeping Faith Season 3.
Eve Myles in Keeping Faith Season 3. (Image credit: BBC/Scott Waller)

Keeping Faith season 3 once again sees Torchwood actress Eve Myles star as lawyer Faith Howells.

The Welsh-language version aired last November on S4C. And series three has now been shown on BBC1. The legal drama has streamed 50 million times on BBC iPlayer, and we have guides to Keeping Faith season 1 and season 2 if you need a reminder of what happened. 

Filming began in January 2020 and wrapped in late August, with lead actress Eve confirming this was the last time she'd be playing the character.

Speaking about season 3, Eve Myles said: "We left Faith at the end of series two asking Evan to leave, and a divorce was imminent. She had come to learn of all his dark secrets and had become embroiled in the dark underworld that Evan was running away from."

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Keeping Faith season 3 release date

Keeping Faith Season 3 started in March 2021, on BBC1 at 9 pm. The series has now ended on BBC1 and all six episodes are available now on BBC iPlayer.

US viewers can find Keeping Faith on the streaming service Acorn TV. All three seasons are available to stream on Acorn TV. A subscription costs just $5.99 a month.

What is the plot of Keeping Faith Season 3?

Eve Myles returns as Faith and has to navigate the breakup of her marriage, while simultaneously taking on an emotionally wrenching legal medical case involving a gravely ill teenage boy.

Giving fans an idea of what to expect, Pip Broughton, writer, producer and director of Keeping Faith said: "Series three is an emotional thriller that drills deep into the character of Faith herself. Events unfold that threaten to shatter her children’s faith in their mother and rob them of their well-being and innocence — damage that can never be undone. Alongside this, the legal world continues to add to the themes of justice, choice, freedom and personal liberty, as Faith takes on the biggest case of her career."

What happened in episode one of Keeping Faith Season 3?

Keeping Faith Season 3 opened with lead character Faith Howells (Eve Myles) struggling with a custody battle over her teenagers after her marriage to Evan (Bradley Freegard) fell apart. 

Things become more complicated when her former love interest Steve (Mark Lewis Jones) comes back on the scene. Steve wants her to speak to a "friend", but when Faith meets the mysterious woman she isn't best pleased about it. 

If her personal life wasn't stressful enough, Faith was called to a difficult case where a father is desperate for a hospital to operate on his son, despite warnings that he has a slim chance of survival and will likely end up severely brain-damaged if the operation goes ahead. While all this is going on, Faith is disturbed by a number of silent phone calls from an unknown number...

What happened in episode two?

In episode 2 it was revealed that this "friend" Steve wanted Faith to talk to is actually her estranged mother, Rose (Celia Imrie). She walked out on Faith when she was just 15-years-old and after 25 years of no contact, she has reappeared, which Faith is furious about. 

Their relationship is very strained and Faith doesn't trust her mother, even refusing to let her see her grandchildren. This prompts Rose to fight back and begin legal proceedings to get access to them. On top of this, Rose begins to blackmail Faith and reveals she has photographic evidence of her involvement with Gael Reardon (Anastasia Hille)

What happened in episode three of Keeping Faith Season 3?

Episode 3 saw Faith focusing all her attention on Osian's case, and keeping her manipulative mother Rose away from her three children Alys, Rhodri and Megan. However, as a result of focusing all her energy on that, she neglected to see just how much her divorce was affecting her children. When Alys joins a demonstration at a local farm, she finds herself in trouble with the local police causing even more drama in Faith's life. 

Meanwhile, scheming Rose hatches a plan to frame Faith's soon to be ex-husband Evan for Gael Reardon's murder, and Faith finally gives in to her feelings for former love interest Steve, who has recently come back on the scene.

What happened in episode four of Keeping Faith series 3?

In episode 4, Evan continues to keep an eye on Faith amid their complicated divorce and custody battle, and Faith is still very busy focusing on Osian's case. 

Still worried about Rose and what she's truly capable of, Faith heads to London and meets up with friend from the past, Breeze, hoping to get information on her estranged mother. Meanwhile, Steve begins to bond with Faith's daughter Alys after he finds her upset on the beach. 

He decides to take her bowling, where she opens up about meeting grandmother Rose for the first time and Steve expresses his concern, asking if Faith knows about the meeting.

What happened in episode five?

Faith still has no intention of making amends with scheming Rose, causing the estranged mother to put her plan into action which risks both Steve and Evan's futures. Meanwhile, Rose receives footage of Steve leaving Faith's home, and he mysteriously disappears soon after this discovery. 

With Rose determined to worm her way into Faith's life, it's clear she'll take extreme measures to get there. There's also progress with Osian's story, as it is revealed that his tumour is now completely inoperable. Despite his dad admitting to himself that his son is about to die, Osian is keen to go through with the experimental and risky treatment regardless of this news.

What happened in episode six?

The finale for Keeping Faith was intense. It started with the arrest of of Evan Howells, who is suspected of murdering Gael Reardon. Faith ends up with even more on her plate as she helps Evan, while simultaneously dealing with Osian's case as well as her own mother, Rose. 

After a long battle, Faith wins Osian's case and the application for the experimental medical treatment is granted. With Osian's case wrapped up, Faith's attentions are focused on Rose. Her scheming mother took her children and even threatens Faith with a gun, saying she wanted to "finish her off" a long time ago. Evan is finally released by the police and he rushes to help Faith, confronting Rose where it's revealed she was responsible for Gael's murder. 

Tragedy strikes soon after when Rose shoots and kills Evan, before turning the gun on herself. The end of the episode sees Faith saying goodbye to Evan and Steve, who both lost their lives in Season 3. It is also revealed that Osian's medical treatment worked, as he was able to attend the memorial alongside his father.

Will there be any more episodes?

No, that's it for Keeping Faith. Season 3 was confirmed as the final installment, and there's been no indication that we'll get any spin-offs or one-off episodes.

Keeping Faith season 3 cast

Celia Imrie joined Keeping Faith for its third season. She plays the role of Rose Fairchild. Describing Rose, Imrie said her character is "Tough, regretful, ruthless…she wants to make amends with her past but has left it all too late."

And Eve Myles adds: "The character of Rose, played by the amazing Celia Imrie, comes into town like a powerful, menacing force. She has defined Faith but plays on all her fears. A woman with huge guilt, a heavyweight in manipulation with many dangerous contacts, a woman with nothing to lose."

Here are the major players...

  • Eve Myles - Faith Howells
  • Bradley Freegard - Evan Howells (Faith's estranged husband)
  • Mark Lewis Jones - Steve Baldini (the love of Faith's life)
  • Celia Imrie - Rose Fairchild (a mystery)
  • Siân Phillips - Judge Owens 
  • Hannah Daniel - Cerys Jones (Faith's business partner)
  • Eiry Thomas - DI Susan Williams (the thorn in Faith's side)
  • Catherine Ayers - Lisa Connors (Faith's best friend)

Is there a trailer?

Yes, and it's gripping...