Keeping Faith Season 1 refresher — everything you need to know

Eve Myles in Keeping Faith
Keeping Faith stars Eve Myles as lawyer Faith Howells. (Image credit: BBC/Scott Waller)

Keeping Faith Season 1 aired in 2017, introducing us to lawyer Faith Howells (Eve Myles). The series was originally called Un Bore Mercher (One Wednesday Morning), and the first season focuses on the mysterious disappearance of her husband and business partner Evan Howells (Bradley Freegard). Faith is forced to cut her maternity leave short to figure out what's happened to him, while simultaneously juggling other work/life commitments.

With Keeping Faith Season 3 wrapping up on BBC1 recently, here's a recap of the events that took place in the very first instalment. Spoilers ahead!

Please note all three series are currently available to watch on iPlayer in the UK and there's also other options below on where to watch it depending on where you are in the world. 



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Who is Faith Howells?

Keeping Faith Season one introduces us to titular character Faith Howells, played by Welsh actress Eve Myles. Faith is a mum of three and a solicitor who works for the family firm, and when we meet her in season one she's coming to the end of her maternity leave. However, she's forced to cut it short after the mysterious disappearance of her husband Evan (played by Myles' real life husband, Bradley Freegard).

Faith is a talented lawyer with a feisty personality, who grew up in a small town in Wales. She's fiercely loyal and protective of her family, and ends up discovering some dark secrets linked to Evan and the firm which sends her on an unexpectedly journey to unravel this web of lies.

What happened in Keeping Faith Season 1?

When Evan disappears one morning, Faith is forced to uncover some difficult truths in order to find out what happened to her husband. The deeper she gets into this investigation, the more she realises that Evan is not who she thought he was. It is revealed that the family business was in financial trouble, leading Evan to become involved with a local crime family to try and solve the problem, which only led to further complications. 

Faith is horrified to discover she owes this family £80,000, and things become even more dramatic when she develops romantic feelings for her client Steve Baldini (Mark Lewis Jones). Steve wants to help her with her financial problems, and agrees to move cocaine for local crime boss Gael Reardon (Angeline Ball).

Meanwhile, a detective named DI Susan Williams (Eiry Thomas) is convinced Faith is responsible for Evan's disappearance and even arrests her at one point. However, Faith is released after there's not sufficient evidence to keep her in custody.

Tensions run high when corrupt police kidnap Faith's daughter Alys, who had been staying in the care of Faith's sister, and hold her hostage. While Faith manages to negotiate her safe return, but her troubles are far from over...

What happened in the Season finale?

Keeping Faith Season one ended with a dramatic cliffhanger, as Evan shows up at the house despite being missing for seven days. With all the drama surrounding her children, especially Alys' kidnapping, Faith finds herself involved in a court custody battle. The season ends with Evan taking the children away, and Faith embracing her client and lover Steve, revealing to viewers that this family had been well and truly ripped apart by recent events.

Season 2 picks up 18 months after the events of the first, and there's plenty more dramatic twists and turns ahead...