Love & Gelato: release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything we know

Susanna Skaggs as Lina
Love & Gelato is based on Jenna Evans Welch's bestselling novel. (Image credit: FABIO ZAYED/NETFLIX)

Love & Gelato is a Netflix romcom based on the first book in Jenna Evans Welch's bestselling Love & Gelato book trilogy.

Set amongst the backdrop of stunning Italian scenery, it tells the story of Lina Emerson (Susanna Skaggs) who makes a promise to her sick mother that she'll spend the summer before college in Rome, where she falls for the city, the people and of course the gelato! 

If you're a fan of Emily in Paris, you'll love this light-hearted romance as it follows a similar premise of a young woman going to explore Europe who ends up falling in love, as well as the old clichés about Americans in Europe.

Here's everything we know about Love & Gelato...

Susanna Skaggs as Lina, Anjelika Washington as Addie in Love and Gelato

Lina fulfills her mother's last wish and goes to Rome for the summer. (Image credit: FABIO ZAYED/NETFLIX)

Love & Gelato release date

Love & Gelato was released on Netflix globally on Wednesday, June 22, so it's available to watch straight away (with gelato by your side of course!).

What is Love & Gelato about?

This escapist romance is guaranteed to whisk you away to the picturesque Rome as the official synopsis reads: "Lina, a seventeen-year-old American, finds herself having to travel to Rome to honor her mother's memory. Catapulted into an unknown country, too messy and full of chaos for her serious, methodical and even a little nerdy nature, she will find herself forced to have to deal with all her obsessions, anxieties and fears but also to have to deal with the past of her mother who hides some surprises and some secrets.

"Immersed in magical landscapes and in unfamiliar and exciting foods, fascinated by the unique style of Italian fashion, overwhelmed by romantic unexpected events and overwhelmed by a new and anomalous family, Lina will learn to look to the world and to herself with a finally different eye."

Who is in Love & Gelato?

Susanna Skaggs, who plays the main role of Lina Emerson, leads the talented cast consisting of Valentina Lodovini as Francesca and Owen McDonnell as Howard, her two family friends who assist her on the trip.

Saul Nanni plays Alessandro Albani, a spontaneous heir set to go to Harvard in the fall, and Tobia De Angelis as Lorenzo Ferrazza, who is an aspiring chef.

Lina's best friend Addie is played by Anjelika Washington, who often encourages Lina to go outside of her comfort zone.

Other stars appeaaring in the movie are Alex Boniello as Fleetwood Zach and Claudia Stecher as Giorgia.

Susanna Skaggs as Lina, Tobia De Angelis as Lorenzo Ferrazza in Love and Gelato

Tobia De Angelis plays Lorenzo Ferrazza. (Image credit: FABIO ZAYED/NETFLIX)

Is there a trailer?

You can watch the trailer below where we see Lina get up to many adventures while in Rome and not only does she find herself torn between two Italian boys, but also falling in love with gelato!

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