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'Marlow' on BritBox — all you need to know about new the River Thames set crime thriller starring Clare Foy

Clare Foy leads the cast of Marlow on BritBox.
Clare Foy leads the cast of Marlow on BritBox. (Image credit: Getty)

Crime drama Marlow on BritBox is set neat the Thames Estuary in southern England, a land of mud, smugglers, entrepreneurs, and opportunists. It follows two feuding families, the Marlows and The Wyatts who live on the "Edgelands" of the estuary and are sworn enemies with a mutual fascination for one another. Leading the cast is Clare Foy, who now has international acclaim after portraying the young Queen Elizabeth II for the first two seasons of Netflix blockbuster The Crown.

So here’s everything you need to know about Marlow it before it hits BritBox…. 

Marlow on BritBox release date

The eight-part thriller Marlow is due to go into production this autumn, and will hit streaming service BritBox in the UK in 2022. Hopefully Marlow will also arrive BritBox on the US some time after. So watch this space for more information on the official release date when we get it.

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Marlow on BritBox — the plot

Marlow's main protagonist is Evie Wyatt (Clare Foy) who was born and bred in the Edgelands near the Thames estuary. She returns there 15 years after she lost her father to a firestorm, wanting revenge and soon finding herself drawn back into conflict with the rival Marlow family, in particular ageing patriarch, the self-proclaimed "King of the Edgelands" Tom Marlow who plans to change the area forever...

Marlow cast — Clare Foy on playing Evie Wyatt

Marlow star Clare Foy plays Evie, who is described as "estuary to her bones". She returns to the Edgelands desperate for answers about her father’s death. She’s riled up and wants someone to pay, so finds herself pitted against the formidable local Tom Marlow. 

Talking about her role as Evie, Clare says “I’m delighted to be a part of this compelling thriller. The scripts are so evocative of place and redolent with atmosphere — and the twists, turns, and mysteries at the heart of this drama are utterly gripping. Evie Wyatt is such a captivating, complex, and beguiling character, much like the enigmatic ‘Edgelands’ which she calls home, and I can’t wait to get to step into her shoes."

Claire is a familiar face after she took on the role of the young Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of The Crown, for which she won an Emmy and a Golden Globe award. It wasn’t her first time playing a queen, however, as she made a name for herself as the ill-fated Anne Boleyn in TV miniseries Wolf Hall in 2015. She also played astronaut Neil Armstrong’s wife Janet in the 2018 movie First Man and has numerous other credits to her name including roles in Little Dorrit, The Promise, Upstairs Downstairs and Crossbones as well as playing the lead role of Lisbeth Salander in the 2018 movie The Girl In The Spider’s Web

The Crown Season 1 with Clare Foy and Matt Smith.

The Crown Season 1 with Marlow star Clare Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith as Prince Phillip. (Image credit: Netflix)

Marlow star Clare Foy as Ann Boleyn in Wolf Hall.

Marlow star Clare Foy as Ann Boleyn in Wolf Hall. (Image credit: BBC)

Marlow cast — who else is starring

At the moment the rest of the Marlow cast is being kept under wraps but BritBox has promised to release more names soon. We especially can’t wait to see who'll take on the role of Evie's rival Tom Marlow. 

Settings and locations 

Although Marlow is set on the Thames Estuary, the action takes place in a world unlike any we’ve seen. The Wyatt and Marlow kingdoms are built on mudlands and it’s from here the warring families face off across the water. "The Thames Estuary’s ‘Edgelands’ offer a unique and extraordinary world of mud, sea and infinite sky; of broken politics and dreams — the Thames's mouth is at once a gateway to the world and the last wild frontier of our island existence," says Simon Maxwell, CEO of Motive Pictures who are behind the series.

More about Marlow writer Tony Grisoni

The Marlow screenplay was created by BAFTA-award-winning British screenwriter Tony Grisoni. He won his BAFTA for co-writing The Unloved in 2009 but he's also worked on the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Tideland, and the C4 series Red Riding, which was set around the Yorkshire Ripper Murders. Tony will also serve as an executive producer on Marlow alongside Simon Maxwell and leading actor Clare Foy.