Mary Berry: Cook & Share — air date, recipes, locations, interview, episode guide and all about her cookery series with a travel twist

First look! Mary Berry: Cook & Share sees the famous TV cook head to Edinburgh in Scotland for her new BBC2 series.
First look! Mary Berry: Cook & Share sees the famous TV cook head to Edinburgh in Scotland for her new BBC2 series. (Image credit: BBC)

Mary Berry: Cook & Share is a new series arriving on BBC2 and iPlayer in 2022 which sees former Bake Off judge Dame Mary travel to some of her favourite UK destinations to whip up recipes ideal for eating with your friends and loved ones. 

Formerly called Mary Berry: Cook & Share, over six episodes Dame Mary will be giving us fuss-free recipes to be cooked from scratch that will work for big celebrations as well as intimate meals for two. She'll also share her expertise and explore how food can bring communities together and make a huge impact on our lives. 

“Sharing recipes is always an utter joy for me and this series is the ultimate guide, whether you are cooking for a crowd or just for two,” reveals Dame Mary. 

“I'm loving visiting some spectacular parts of the country at extraordinary events, gatherings and beautiful locations for this new series. I have always believed there is no better way to spend time with family and friends than over fresh home cooked food - and now more than ever that feels so important.”

So here's everything you need to know about Mary Berry: Cook and Share on BBC2...

Mary with her crowd-pleasing chocolate truffle dessert

Dame Mary has plenty of new recipes to share, including her crowd-pleasing chocolate truffle dessert, in her new series Mary Berry: Cook & Share. (Image credit: BBC)

Mary Berry: Cook & Share release date 

The six-part series Mary Berry: Cook & Share will be shown on BBC2 and BBCiPlayer from Wednesday September 7 at 8pm. Keep an eye on this page and we’ll update with any US or international air dates. 

Is there a trailer for Mary Berry: Cook & Share?

There's no trailer for Mary Berry: Cook & Share released yet but you can take a look at Dame Mary on her travels in a first-look picture (see main image above). If a trailer is released, we’ll put it on this page. 

Mary Berry: Cook & Share — recipes and what happens

Mary Berry: Cook & Share sees Dame Mary embrace dishes that are designed to be shared as she travels around the UK meeting those who are coming together over food, whether that’s at a family celebration or a summer festival. She’ll be sharing recipes such as minted lamb casserole, tear and share bread, roasting-tin spiced chicken, eggy bread avocado and ham toasties, salted caramel cake, rocky road and chocolate truffle cake that are guaranteed to keep everyone happy. Mary will pass on her own skills whilst learning from others as she relishes the opportunity to cook and share with others once again. 

Mary Berry Cook & Share has lots of savoury delights too!

Mary Berry Cook & Share has lots of savoury delights too! (Image credit: BBC)

Interview: Dame Mary on the secrets behind Mary Berry: Cook & Share

Here, Dame Mary, 87, tells us why sharing is caring in Mary Berry: Cook & Share…

What was your thinking behind the new series?
Dame Mary says: "I'm not very good at enjoying food on my own and I've always loved to share. I like the interaction after having cooked food. For someone to say they appreciate it, it adds to the conversation. I think that’s become the case more and more, because over the last few years, we've had more time at home. People have been experimenting and trying out new recipes because they've had time and also everybody was locked down, so you've got an appreciative audience to share the recipes with."

The opening episode sees you attend an Indian wedding. Was that a memorable experience?
"Yes, the wedding absolutely amazed me. I was there getting a look behind the scenes and helping the catering crew because there were hundreds of guests. The groom actually arrived on a white horse and the bride was in a magnificent red dress with the most impossible high heels. The next time I saw her after the ceremony, she was barefoot, understandably! She wore several outfits for all the different parties and the whole thing was incredible and so vibrant."

What were your other highlights of the series?
"I loved the Jurassic Coast scalloping trip and meeting a young man, Sam, and his father, who were both so dedicated to fishing. I like people who have a passion for something and I loved seeing Sam making a living out of what comes naturally after spending time with his dad and scalloping as a youth." 

Was there anyone else you enjoyed meeting on your travels? 
"At Edgbaston Cricket Stadium, I met the Head Chef there, Scott, who was so dedicated to catering. I really admired how he recruits his team from the college in Birmingham. I think that's a good story because he sees the potential in local young cooks and also trusts both them and the training at that school."

A lot of the places you visit have a special meaning for you, including Scotland, where your mother came from. What is the best culinary advice that she ever shared with you? 
"Mum always planned ahead for a few days to cut the cost and make the most of the ingredients. It’s now something I always try to do too. For example, I would make twice as much gravy with the Sunday roast and serve it with sausages and fried onion in the week."

When you went to Edinburgh for the show, you got to catch up with your granddaughter and her pals. That must have been a treat…
"Yes, it was lovely seeing my granddaughter Abby and her friends at the Edinburgh Marathon. I remember the last one I watched was when my son was 17 and he ran the London Marathon and I went to the pub with him afterwards with his friends who were all there with blisters on their feet! This time around, it was great chatting to Abby's friends – everyone was sitting drinking energy drinks and eating Rocky Road, feeling very proud of themselves!"

You also introduce us to a range of your own dishes in the series that are ideal for get-togethers. How did you pick them?
"I've chosen the recipes because I think they're ones that people are going to enjoy eating and sharing. They're not too complicated, they’re very achievable - and delicious! I think the food in this series is much more relaxed and informal, because things have changed maybe. I think food in general is less formal now. Mostly, the food in this series is very much about sharing and passing it around. No special dishes are needed and not so much pomp and ceremony. It isn’t so much about entertaining, as it is about gathering people."

Do you have any special occasions on the horizon where you’ll be able to make some of the recipes that feature in the show?
"My daughter Annabel’s birthday is coming up and I will most likely have her family round for Sunday lunch. I'll certainly be doing something like a couple of roast chickens because they look after themselves and then I will choose gorgeous puds like my glorious Chocolate Truffle Dessert [which features in episode one], and I shall just pop a candle in the middle!"

Who would you most like to share a meal with and what’s the best meal someone has shared with you? 
"Any time my family is with me, I’m at my happiest. And it’s too tricky to name just one meal! I love it when I'm being cooked for, I appreciate whatever comes my way. It's the friendship that comes with it too that’s special."

Finally, the series will hopefully inspire us all to start whipping up some yummy dishes. If you could share any culinary tips with a novice cook, what would they be? 
"Keep it simple, and keep it seasoned!"

Mary Berry has plenty of splendid cakes to show off in this new series.

Mary Berry has plenty of splendid cakes to show off in this new series. (Image credit: BBC)

Locations — where will Mary Berry be traveling to? 

From experiencing a summer weekend in her mother’s homeland of Scotland (see our main picture) to exploring the ingredients available on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast and enjoying the buzz of Birmingham’s city centre, in Mary Berry: Cook & Share Mary Berry will be traveling all over the UK to some of her favourite locations to get some inspiration and for sharing out her new recipes.

Mary Berry: Cook & Share episode guide

Here's our episode guide for Mary Berry: Cook & Share which we'll be updating every week so do check back...

Episode 1: Wednesday September 7
In this first episode, Mary Berry is working behind the scenes at a beautiful Indian wedding - she'll be helping the caterers pull-off this huge event that feeds 400 people from morning to night, and she’ll be adding a recipe of her own to the menu.  Blown away by the traditions, customs and vibrancy of the wedding, Mary takes time to reflect on her own special day. She’s cooking some of her own delicious recipes that are perfect for a special occasion, her elegant Avocado, Beetroot, and Prawn Stack that is sure to wow guests, a Roasting Tin Spiced Chicken that can be easily scaled up to feed a crowd and a Tear and Share bread recipe that was made for sharing. Mary will add her divine Chocolate Shots to the wedding afternoon tea, and finally her triumphant celebration Chocolate Truffle Dessert a magnificent, layered cake with an indulgent truffle center. 

Episode 2: Wednesday September 14
Mary travels to Bristol. She had her first job here when her son William studied at the university, and it's currently home to her granddaughter Grace, so Mary’s connection to the city continues and she's ready to re discover the city she knew from old. First stop is a sun rise hot air balloon display. Next she's in a Michelin starred restaurant embracing the street art so synonymous with Bristol. Mary is intrigued by the 20-course tasting menu, but having been inspired by the creativity of Bristol, and its favorite son Banksy, will she try her hand at spray painting? 
There's one place special from Mary’s past she always visits when in Bristol — her beloved late son William’s memorial plaque — which is a tribute from his university tutor commemorating his life and time spent studying in the city. 
Mary also will be cooking-up her own mouth-watering recipes — Tuscan Chicken and Pear and Blueberry Galette. Her Shakshuka perfect for sharing, served with deliciously simple Garlic Parsley Flatbreads cooked overlooking the famous Clifton suspension bridge. There's also Mary's lovely Prawn and Courgette Stir-Fry.

Mary Berry works behind the scenes at an Indian wedding in episode one.

Mary Berry works behind the scenes at an Indian wedding in episode one. (Image credit: BBC)

The next Banksy? Mary Berry is spray painting in Bristol!

The next Banksy? Mary Berry is spray painting in Bristol in episode 2! (Image credit: BBC)

Episode 3: Wednesday September 21
Birmingham bound Mary is at Edgbaston cricket ground to make a tea to remember for the ravenous England cricketers. After tasting her delicious food, cricketing superstars Jonny Bairstow and Ollie Pope put Mary through her paces at the wicket - she's always up for giving things a go! This week she also reveals how to make jumbo lentil rolls and shares a very tempting recipe for "ultimate" brownies. 

Episode 4: Wednesday September 28
Mary explores the historic Jurassic Coastline in Dorset. Famous for fossils, beautiful coastal towns, and of course delicious seafood. As well as visiting this very stretch of shoreline as a girl guide camping out on the Jurassic cliffs, she has special memories of childhood holidays and trips with her own children at the seaside. In this episode Mary meets 21-year-old scallop diver Sam Shuker. He learnt everything he knows from his fisherman Dad, going on his first scallop dive at just 14. Now with his own boat, Sam is proudly carrying on the family legacy and Mary joins him at sea to learn all about it. Back on the beach with his catch Mary cooks her delicious Scallops with Garlic King Oyster Mushrooms and Tarragon recipe to share with him. Mary also gets the chance to talk to the local fisherman harvesting sugar kelp seaweed along the shore. Packed with nutrients and incredible for the environment Mary learns how this wonderful ingredient is grown commercially. She then heads off to sample local chef Nigel Bloxham’s innovative new seaweed recipes.  Mary later joins local fossil hunter Nigel to see what they can discover along the ancient shoreline.  Mary also has some mouth-watering dishes to share, from her rich and creamy French classic Moules Mariniere to her fresh Nori Noodle Salad, a vibrant dish packed with Asian flavours. For a hearty meal after a day on the coast Mary serves up her deliciously simple Chicken Spinach and Tomato Lasagne, while her beautiful Salted Caramel Cake is a real treat for afters. 

Episode 5: Wednesday October 5
Mary heads to a festival where food takes centre stage, in the grounds of Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire, where performers from theatre, music and art come together, but the real headliners are the top chefs who host sharing feasts and intimate dinners throughout the four-day event. Mary is meeting up with old friend, Michelin starred chef Niklas Ekstedt. He’ll be cooking for an intimate crowd of diners who’ll sit around the chef’s table and watch him work his magic. Mary gets a taste of what's on the menu and meets some of the diners to find out how sharing this culinary experience with both friends and strangers has the ability to bring everyone together.
Mary and Niklas also head to one of the long table banquets. With a menu put together by chef Robin Gill, they will join hundreds of fellow diners to share the incredible feast and soak up the festival atmosphere. Another friend of Mary’s is also performing... Sophie Ellis-Bextor will be opening the main stage and Mary is keen to meet up and share some of her recipes. They tuck into Mary’s Forest Bean Salad with Lemon Herb Dressing served alongside her Celery, Blue Cheese, and sage risotto. Mary also shares other recipes perfect for bringing the festival feast to your plate. Her Two Roast Chickens with Scalloped Potatoes are fabulous for a smaller scale banquet at home, and her Sticky Short Beef Ribs and Lemon Coleslaw are tender, slow cooked delights, great for sharing. All followed by a slice of heaven from her Glazed French Peach Tart.

Mary with Ollie Pope and Jonny Bairstow in episode 3.

Mary at Edgebaston with Ollie Pope and Jonny Bairstow in episode 3. (Image credit: BBC)

Mary takes a stroll along the Jurassic Coast.

In episode 4 Mary takes a stroll along the Jurassic Coast. (Image credit: BBC)

More about Mary Berry: Cook & Share

Mary Berry: Cook & Share was commissioned from Sidney Street, part of BanijayUK...

Co-executive producer and MD of Sidney Street, Karen Ross, says: “We are so excited to be filming Mary doing what she does best! Inspiring the country to cook from scratch, sharing both her delicious recipes and incredible knowledge. This delightful series will please anyone wanting to get into the kitchen, from the most experienced to a whole new generation of home cooks.”

Ricky Cooper, Commissioning Editor, Popular Factual and Factual Entertainment for the BBC, says: “Mary has spent her life sharing her knowledge, her passion and of course her recipes with audiences all over the UK and beyond. So we’re delighted she’s returning to the BBC to share her love of cooking – and the impact it has on our lives and communities - in what promises to be a truly spectacular series.”

Mary Berry: Cook & Share— her new book 

Mary Berry is a prolific author of best-selling cookbooks and there's a brand-new Cook and Share book released on September 1 2022 to accompany the BBC2 series. 

It contains more than 100 of Mary’s fuss-free dishes to make for friends and family, including all the recipes from the show. It will also include Mary’s cooking tips and photographs of every dish.  

Mary Berry has written plenty of popular cookbooks!

Mary Berry has written plenty of popular cookbooks!  (Image credit: BBC)
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