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'Moving On' Season 12 — start date, stories and everything you need to know

Moving On Season 12 cast.
Moving On returns with new episode 'Wedding Day'. (Image credit: BBC/LA Productions/Kristy Garland)

Moving On Season 12 sees the popular series exploring difficult topics and focusing on ordinary people and extraordinary moments. 

Jimmy McGovern's work brings together humour and sincerity and tells touching stories of people at a crossroads.

The new season brings us five brand new stories, each focusing on a different issue that viewers may be able to relate to in some way. Starring familiar faces and newcomers, Jimmy McGovern brings together a talented cast to tell these important stories.

Here's everything we know about Moving On season 12...

Moving On Season 12 release date

The first episode of Moving On season 12 airs on BBC1 at 2:15pm on Monday 8 March. Subsequent episodes will air for the rest of the week, with the final episode concluding on Friday March 12. You can also catch up with them on iPlayer.

What is the first episode about?

Moving On Season 12 opens with Wedding Day, which sees Ben Keane (Nico Mirallegro stunned as his father Ian Keane (Mark Womack) shows up for the biggest day of his life. He has good reason to be shocked too, as he and his family thought that he was dead.

What about the following episodes?

ex Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher

Ex Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher stars in the new season. (Image credit: BBC/LA Productions/Kristy Garland)

Yes, we have synopses for all new episodes of Moving On. Episode 2 will focus on a woman struggling to come to terms with her father's death, and the shocking discovery that he had a second family. Meanwhile in episode 3, Les Dennis leads the cast as a retiree who finds a new lease of life when his daughter gifts him a course of fitness sessions.

Episode 4 focuses on a gifted but neglected teenager, whose education is jeopardised when she is made homeless, and finally episode 5 sees Kelvin Fletcher and Sophie Stone as a husband and wife struggling to come to terms with Rosie's hearing loss.

Can we watch previous seasons of Moving On?

Previous episodes of Moving On are not available on BBC iPlayer, but you can watch on demand via Amazon Prime. Seasons 1 through 8 are currently available via the streaming service.