My Lady Jane season 2: everything we know

Will Emily Bader return as Lady Jane Grey in My Lady Jane season 2?
Emily Bader plays Lady Jane Grey in the first season (Image credit: Prime Video)

Fans will be hoping plans are in place for My Lady Jane season 2, after the first series of Prime Video's historical fantasy proved a real hit!

Set in 1553, the show followed Lady Jane Grey (Emily Bader) who became Queen of England following the death of Edward VI, to the fury of his elder sister and presumed heir, Princess Mary. 

In real-life Jane was deposed after just nine days on the throne, yet the eight-part series tore up the history books to tell a new story about a bright and independent young woman who was determined to change England. 

Her first task was to heal the wounds of a country divided over its treatment of Ethians - magical people who can transform into animals — although this proved more tricky than she'd hoped. 

Here's everything we know about My Lady Jane season 2...


Will there be a My Lady Jane season 2?

The first season was adapted from a popular series of novels by Cynthia Hand, Brodie Ashton and Jodi Meadows, however as some viewers have pointed out, Lady Jane Grey only featured in the first of these novels, with the second book in the "Jane-iverse" concentrating on Jane Eyre.

However, when we spoke to the showrunners before the series was broadcast, they confirmed the first series didn't go all the way up to the end of the first novel. 

"We end the first season about two thirds of the way through the book," said executive producer Meredith Glynn. "So who's to say what will happen in the future?" 

With the final episode of the first season also coming to a close in a very open-ended fashion, hinting that Jane and Guildford's story is far from over, we're pretty confident the pair will be riding back onto our screens soon. As the narrator said just before the credits rolled; "the story is not over yet!" 

Guildford Dudley (Edward Bluemel)

Will Guildford Dudley (Edward Bluemel) be back for more Tudor fun?  (Image credit: Prime Video)

My Lady Jane season 2 release date

Prime Video have yet to confirm that My Lady Jane season 2 is in the works, although we'd hope the team behind the historical "romantasy" have been thinking about a potential sequel in the months before the first series premiered.  

Yet given the amount of on-screen talent that would need to be reassembled and the length of the shoot required to make a show of this nature, it seems unlikely that a second series would hit our screens until 2026. As soon as we hear more, you'll be the first to know... 

My Lady Jane season 2 plot

The final episode of My Lady Jane season 1 saw Jane awaiting execution for knowingly marrying an Ethian in the form of her beloved Guildford Dudley, who was also sentenced to death. However Jane was saved by a flock of Ethians and when she told Guildford she loved him, the dashing Ethian was finally able to transform into a horse at will and carried them both to safety. 

However it wasn't all good news, as Mary was still sat on the throne and more determined than ever to kill them both, while continuing her harsh campaign against the country's Ethian population.

While we were very pleased to see the Ethians rescue the young lovers, the attack upon Mary and her Verity forces will surely only increase tensions between the two groups in a potential second season...

Meanwhile after being presumed dead, King Edward VI is still trying to reclaim his crown, although he has found happiness with Fitz. Given his association with the Ethians, there would have to be a bit of a shift in public opinion before he could return to power, although there were hints of growing pro-Ethian sentiment among the people during the first season. 

Edward does have the element of surprise on his side though, as Mary still has no idea that her little brother is still alive! Yet does the former ruler still have an appetite to be King, or does he simply want to stop his wicked sister Mary?  

Jane and Guildford will be outlaws if and when a second series hits our screens, along with all their families. This means that while Guildford's brother Stan (Henry Ashton), Lady Frances Grey (Anna Chancellor) and Jane's sister Katherine (Isabella Brownson) all seemed happy at the end of season one, they're probably all on Mary's kill list. 

One aspect of the novel that didn't make it into to series was Jane and Guildford training with Edward's grandmother, whom we saw briefly. Could her coastal retreat be the perfect place for the pair to rest up while planning a new assault on Mary's palace in the second season? 

We'd also love to see more of Stand Dudley and Frances Grey's illicit chestnut-filled romance and star-crossed lovers Katherine and William (son of Mary's lover and advisor, Lord Seymour). 

The cast of Prime Video's My Lady Jane.

Will all our old friends - and enemies - be back for season two?  (Image credit: Amazon)

My Lady Jane season 2 cast

With almost everyone — apart from the horrid Duke of Leicester and the unfortunate Lord Norfolk — still alive, here are some of the stars who could be back for My Lady Jane season 2... 

  • Emily Bader as Lady Jane Grey
  • Edward Bluemel as Lord Guildford Dudley
  • Jordan Peters as King Edward VI
  • Anna Chancellor as Lady Frances Grey
  • Rob Brydon as Lord Dudley
  • Dominic Cooper as Lord Seymour
  • Kate O'Flynn as Princess Mary
  • Máiréad Tyers as Susanna
  • Isabella Brownson as Lady Katherine Grey
  • Robyn Betteridge as Margaret Grey
  • Henry Ashton as Lord Stan Dudley
  • Abbie Hern as Bess
  • Joe Klocek as Fitz
  • Brandon Grace as William
  • Michael Workeye as Archer

My Lady Jane season 2 trailer 

Filming has to yet to begin, so there's no trailer for this one just yet. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as it lands though! 

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