Paris Police 1905: UK release date, plot, trailer, interviews, cast and everything we know

Paris Police 1905 star Jérémie Laheurte as Antoine Jouin
Jérémie Laheurte is Inspector Antoine Jouin. (Image credit: STUDIOCANAL)

Paris Police 1905 will once again explore the twisted world of murder, lies, and corruption as the Parisian crime drama continues into a new era.

The series picks up five years after Paris Police 1900, and the first episode is set against a Christmas Eve 1904 backdrop with a mysterious death taking place right before the new year. Inspector Jouin is back to crack the case, and viewers will start to learn even more about him as he unravels a new mystery.  

Speaking to What to Watch and other media, series creator Fabien Nury explained why he decided to focus on real-life historical figures in his Paris Police series. He said: "We wanted to find interesting characters rather than invent them ourselves. 

"Jouin is a police officer who's best known for things he did in 1910, 1912, but we don't know many things about his life before then. So I was like 'okay, let's deal with this character when he was younger'".

Here's everything we know about Paris Police 1905 so far.

Paris Police 1905 release date

Paris Police 1905 returns to BBC Four on Saturday, March 4 at 9 pm. 

The series airs on the channel Canal+ in France, and we'll keep you updated once we have more information.

Paris Police 1905 plot

According to Unifrance, the plot of the new series is: "Paris, Christmas 1904. When the Paris police department - under the orders of Police Chief Lépine - begins to clean prostitutes off the city’s streets, a man’s body is found in the Bois de Boulogne gardens. 

"Inspector Antoine Jouin is entrusted with the investigation, which leads him into an illicit world where pimps, blackmailers and crooked doctors are interlinked in a web of intrigue."

Fabian Nury has confirmed this season's main story is based on a real-life case, which is known as "Le mort du bois" in France.

Paris Police 1905 cast

Jérémie Laheurte returns as Inspector Antoine Jouin, and he spoke to us about how he prepares for the leading role, especially when there's a lack of source material to work with. 

He explained: "Obviously you don't have access to any videos or recordings because they didn't exist. What I like, is you can look at pictures and it's a snapshot but you don't know what happened before or after. So it's already the beginning of the creative work of the actor, to imagine.

"I tried to attach myself to the story and be as sincere as you should, even though it's a story set in the 1900s I approached it in a very modern way because it was almost mirroring what we were living."

Once again, Orphan Black star Évelyne Brochu returns as Marguerite Steinheil, a French woman known for her many love affairs with important men. Although Marguerite and Jouin have not yet met, Fabian Nury did have some exciting news for fans.

Evelyne Brochu in Paris Police 1900

Évelyne Brochu is back for Paris Police 1905.  (Image credit: STUDIOCANAL)

He teased: "I'm actually working on, and it's a huge thing for me, to actually be working on their first scene together in season 3. They have people in common like Lépine, but they still have not met. 

"I think it's very funny to know that because you're like 'how's it gonna be?' and I can say that they're not going to be friends!"

Other confirmed cast members include Marc Barbé back as Louis Lépine, Eugénie Derouand as Jeanne Chauvin, and Alexandre Trocki as Commissaire Cochefert. We might also be seeing new characters appearing, so watch this space!

Is there a trailer? 

Yes, there is a French-language trailer thanks to Canal+, but an English one is not yet available. We will update you if a translated version is released in the coming weeks. 

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