Patience: cast, plot and everything we know about the crime drama

Ella Maisy Purvis plays neuro-divergent, self-taught criminologist Patience Evans.
Ella Maisy Purvis plays neuro-divergent, self-taught criminologist Patience Evans. (Image credit: Channel4/EagleEyeDrama/RobertViglasky)

Patience is a six-part Channel 4 crime drama about a neuro-divergent, self-taught criminologist working within the Yorkshire Police. It’s adapted from the French series Astrid, and follows Patience Evans (played by Ella Maisy Purvis), a young autistic woman who works within the criminal records department of the Yorkshire Police. 

Her talent for problem-solving and deconstructing crime scenes is soon spotted by detective Bea Metcalf (played by Breaking Bad star Laura Fraser), who takes her under her wing.

Filmed mostly in York, northern England (and some scenes in Belgium), the series is produced by Eagle Eye Drama and features neuro-diverse actors in neuro-divergent roles, including the titular Patience. 

Here’s everything you need to know…

Patience release date

No date has been announced from Channel 4 as yet, but watch this space for more information.

Patience plot

Patience Evans (Ella Maisy Purvis) loves the structure, solitude and routine of her job within Yorkshire Police’s criminal records department, as she’s tasked with cataloging and filing evidence in major cases. An astute self-taught criminologist, she can piece together clues and unravel mysteries that seem unfathomable to her peers ‒ a skill which is spotted by detective inspector Bea Metcalf (Laura Fraser). 

When Bea recognizes Patience’s instinctive eye at crime scenes and aptitude for problem-solving, she gives her a career-defining opportunity within her department. But can Patience's sessions at a support group for autistic adults help her smash through barriers in this neuro-typical working world?  

Ella Maisy Purvis, Laura Fraser, Ali Ariaie and Nathan Welsh star in Patience.

Ella Maisy Purvis, Laura Fraser, Ali Ariaie and Nathan Welsh star in Patience. (Image credit: Channel4/EagleEyeDrama/RobertViglasky)

Patience cast

Before playing the titular Patience Evans, Ella Maisy Purvis starred in ITV drama Malpractice, BBC’s A Kind of Spark and Netflix rom-com Heartstopper. The London-born star also trained as a classical ballet dancer before retraining as an actor.

“I'm incredibly honoured to bring Patience Evans to life in this ground-breaking drama,” says Ella. “Audiences can look forward to an authentic representation of a young autistic woman that is written with nuance and detail, but also that challenges the norms of the neuro-typical world. Patience is a character full of depth, intelligence, and an unwavering passion for justice, and I can't wait for viewers to join her on this thrilling journey.”

Laura Fraser is best known for playing Lydia in Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul. She also starred in fantasy series Neverwhere, 2001 films A Knight's Tale and Vanilla Sky, plus BBC Three series Lip Service. The Scottish star’s credits also include BBC series The Missing and One of Us, as well as ITV drama The Loch

“Patience is full of intriguing mysteries and unusual crimes,” says Laura. “But it also looks at detective Bea Metcalf's working relationship with a young woman who experiences life in a different way to her own, and also the friendship that develops between them.”

The cast also includes Ali Ariaie (Doctor Who, The Great) and Nathan Welsh (Trying, The Ledge).

Is there a trailer for Patience?

Not yet, but we’ll post it here as soon as it's available!

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