‘Rooney’ — air date, trailer, and all we know about Wayne Rooney's candid new documentary

Wayne Rooney and his wife Colleen feature in new Prime Video documentary Rooney.
Wayne Rooney and his wife Colleen feature in new Prime Video documentary 'Rooney'. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Rooney, a new documentary for Prime Video this February, delves into the footballing legend’s life as he reveals, in his own words, the events that have shaped him. From growing up on a Liverpool council estate to making his England debut aged 17, he addresses the highs and lows of his life both on and off the pitch. 

With unprecedented access to the man himself,  friends, family, and footballing colleagues also share their insights. Meanwhile, cameras follow Rooney in his day to day life as a family man and father of four sons. 

When will 'Rooney' air on Prime Video?

Rooney will be on Prime Video Sport on Friday, Feb. 11 2022. 

How can you watch 'Rooney' the documentary?

Rooney will be available exclusively on Prime Video. 

Wayne Rooney is in new Rooney documentary.

Footballing legend Rooney opens up about life on and off the pitch. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Who features in 'Rooney'?

The documentary features exclusive interviews with Wayne, his wife Colleen, his father, and close family members as well as plenty of testimonials from his footballing colleagues and former teammates including David Beckham, Gary Neville, Thierry Henry, and Rio Ferdinand who all give their take on Rooney, 

There are also testimonials from his former managers, including Rooney’s first Premier League manager, David Moyes, and also Sven-Göran Eriksson, Rooney’s first England manager. Both describe the potential they saw in the young player who made his professional debut for Everton aged 16 and is still England’s youngest ever goal-scorer, at 17. 

Wayne Rooney in new Amazon Prime documentary Rooney

The documentary features exclusive interviews and unprecedented access into Rooney's life.  (Image credit: Amazon Prime)

Why did Rooney want to make this documentary?

Speaking at a Prime Video event Rooney says, “Over the last 20 years there’s been a lot of stuff out there about me that’s been well-publicized.  I felt it was important for people to see me behind the scenes, obviously as a family man, and also what it was like growing up in a very tough area of Liverpool. I think this film gives everyone a real insight into that.”

He continues, “I think it’s important for me to do something like this and to be as honest as possible about everything that’s happened in my life. If I didn’t talk about certain moments then it wouldn’t be real. There are things I speak about in the film that I’ve never spoken about publicly before so I’m excited. I hope it gives people the opportunity to see me and who I really am.”

Wayne Rooney is in new Rooney documentary.

Rooney was given a red card at the 2006 World Cup in England's match against Portugal. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Wayne Rooney on the controversial moments he'll be addressing in the documentary

One of Wayne's most controversial moments in his footballing career was England’s match against Portugal in the 2006 World Cup when Rooney was sent off for stamping on Ricardo Carvalho’s foot.

Rooney says: “I talk about what was going on in my head at the time after that red card. I was sat in that dressing room alone, knowing that I’d let my country down and I’d let myself down.”

The documentary will also examine the pressure he felt as a young player and the impact it had on his mental health.

Rooney says, “I think throughout any young sportsman's life they go through difficult periods. In the film there’s a lot of me talking about moments when I was really down and I just didn’t want to be around anyone. I was trying to cope with the pressure of playing for both Manchester United, and playing for your country . A lot of times, that’s when you see reactions from me, which were wrong.  At the time you’re figuring out ways to try and get rid of those frustrations and it wasn’t always the right way.”

Wayne Rooney opens up in new documentary, Rooney.

'Rooney' is directed by BAFTA-winning filmmaker, Matt Smith.  (Image credit: Amazon Prime)

Who is 'Rooney' directed by? 

Rooney is directed by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Matt Smith. Smith says, “You see a different Wayne in this film. It’s a deep-dive into his life and there’s a level of honesty with Wayne and Colleen that I don't think people have seen before. There are some very candid conversations between them as well as some big moments from his sporting life that Wayne talks openly about.” 

Is there a trailer for 'Rooney'? 

Yes! You can get a sneak peek into what Wayne will be talking about in the documentary, including his childhood, his glittering football career, and some of the mistakes he has made along the way. His wife, Colleen is also seen speaking very honestly about what it is like being married to Wayne, while David Beckham also reveals what makes Wayne such an inspiring sportsman...

How did Wayne Rooney feel having cameras following his day to day life for the documentary?

Wayne Rooney says, “There’s been a lot of cameras around throughout the years, without my knowledge a lot of the time, but also when you don’t want them there, so this was different having cameras at home. It was strange at first to be filmed doing things like having breakfast, and seeing how we interact with our children and how Colleen and I interact with each other, but then you get used to it. There have been so many articles about me and Colleen in the past, so I think it will be good for people to get a real insight into us.” 

What does Wayne Rooney say about his future?

Rooney, who is now manager for Derby County says, “I’m trying to establish myself as a manager. I want to look to the future and just be the best version of myself I can be and the best manager I can be. It’s always great when you see young players coming through and hopefully, with the experiences I’ve had in the past, I can help and guide them to be the best player and best person they can be as well.”

Rooney is available on Prime Video from February 11, 2022. 

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