Significant Other: how to watch, trailer, cast, plot and everything we know

Sam and Anna on a bench in the key art for Significant Other
Watch Sam and Anna find love following an ill-fated first encounter. (Image credit: Quay Street Productions/ITV)

Significant Other is a six-part comedy-drama starring Katherine Parkinson and Youssef Kerkour as Anna and Sam, two people who've lost all faith in love. The series originally premiered on ITVX in 2023 but is airing on ITV1 this January.

This unorthodox love story sees the two 40-somethings finding a connection in the most unlikely of circumstances: they're both at death's door. After sharing an ambulance, the two lonely neighbors start to bond in the hospital, leading Sam to ask Anna to serve as his 'significant other' so he can be discharged. 

Cue what Katherine Parkinson calls "a beautifully unconventional love story" as the pair embark on an obstacle-filled relationship.

Here's what you need to know about Significant Other...

Significant Other release date

Significant Other was made available to stream for free on ITVX from Thursday, June 8, 2023. All six episodes were dropped at once, so the series is available to binge in one sitting.

The series is airing on TV on ITV1 in Sunday double bills starting on Sunday, January 7, 2024 at 10.15 pm and 10.45 pm.

Significant Other plot

Anna (Katherine Parkinson) in a hospital gown stood opposite Sam (Youssef Kerkour) in Significant Other

Anna and Sam meet in an unlikely manner.  (Image credit: Quay Street Productions/ITV)

ITV's Significant Other series overview reads: "Sam's (Youssef Kerkour) waiting to die, after swallowing a cabinet full of pills, when he's interrupted by his neighbor, Anna (Katherine Parkinson) — she's having a heart attack and needs to wait with him until help arrives. 

"From this ill-fated first encounter, these two lonely neighbors, who have lost all faith in love, embark on a hilarious, obstacle-filled relationship, and on the way discover that even when life seems to have passed them by, there are still surprises to be had..."

Talking about the show, Katherine Parkinson said: "This feels like an original love story. Everybody loves a love story, but this feels like one that hasn't been told. It's also very good to see older love. Obviously, I'm not that old... but people who are in their mid-forties, often come with damage. But there's a different type of love that can happen at that age and one that's very interesting and more interesting than the young stuff."

Youssef Kerkour added: "I think the reason why people would want to see the show and what they would get out of it is what I've always said: that the richest experience when you are viewing art of any kind is to be able to laugh at the comedy and cry at the truth. I think that's what this script has managed to capture so beautifully. It's got some very funny moments — and it's always good to laugh — and it's got some very deep truthful moments, and it's always good to feel that too. I think people will enjoy it."

Significant Other episode guide

Sam and Anna in the supermarket in Significant Other episode 6

Sam and Anna's unlikely friendship is the backbone of this comedy-drama. (Image credit: ITV/Quay Street Productions)

Below we've included the episode summaries from ITV for all six part of Significant Other: 

  • Episode 1: After hitting rock bottom, the lives of two lonely neighbours are changed forever following an ill-fated encounter.
  • Episode 2: Anna decides to grab life by the horns after a stark wake-up call from her doctor, and Sam's striving to win back his wife has some unexpected results.
  • Episode 3: After a humiliating run-in with Sam, Anna decides to step outside her comfort zone and embrace the world of online dating... how will it go?
  • Episode 4: Anna is surprised by a blast from her past and some tough love forces Sam into action, but his return to the family home does not go as planned.
  • Episode 5: When Anna is caught in the crossfire as Sam receives a surprise visit and a devastating blow from Shelley, she and Sam enter uncharted territory.
  • Episode 6: A surprise phone call changes everything for Anna and Sam, finally forcing them to confront what they really mean to each other. 

Significant Other cast

Significant Other stars Youssef Kerkour and Katherine Parkinson in the lead roles of Sam and Anna.

Katherine Parkinson plays Anna, a woman in her mid-40s who's been left a solitary figure after a string of romantic disappointments and family tragedies. She's described as being 'comfortable with silence and her own company'... until Sam crashes into her life.

Sam (Youssef Kerkour) is also in his mid-40s, but he's been spiraling ever since his marriage came to an end. He's feeling inescapably bonded to his family and is purposefully avoiding monogamy after his marriage has broken down. He's described as childlike and neurotic, but also as a person who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Kelle Bryan is also on board as Sam's ex-wife, Shelley. Shelley fell for him after they met clubbing in Ibiza over a decade ago. Although she was swept off her feet by his sense of humour and charm, the pair's relationship soon went downhill. When Sam came crawling back to her asking for a second chance (after he walked out on her and the kids), she shot him down. 

In addition to the above stars, Significant Other also features the following actors: 

  • Mark Heap as Ray
  • Ben Bailey Smith as Damien
  • Sue Vincent as Gina
  • Shaun Williamson as Johnny
  • Olivia Poulet as Cathy
  • Will Ash as Paul

Is there a Significant Other trailer? 

ITV released a trailer for the show on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. In it, you can get a brief glimpse at the show and see how Sam and Anna first cross paths. Check it out below:

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