Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 2: how to watch and everything we know about the food show

Stanley Tucci eating pasta on Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy
Stanley Tucci in Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy (Image credit: Matt Holyoak/CNN)

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy is back for a second season, with the popular actor once again traversing across Italy to sample the incredible tastes that makes the country legendary for its food and exploring the history and current culture around it. Warning, watching Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy may make you crave pasta, red wine and other Italian delicacies.

Here is everything we know about Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 2.

When is the next Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 2 episode?

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy has wrapped up its second season for US and UK audiences.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 2 locations

Stanley Tucci on a boat in Venice in Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

(Image credit: Matt Holyoak for CNN)

In Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 1, the six episodes covered six cities/regions of Italy — Naples/Amalfi Coast, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Tuscany and Sicily.

Here’s where Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy made stops in season 2.

Venice (episode 1)
Stanley Tucci visits the Veneto, once the center of a world-trading empire and home to the “Floating City,” Venice. Stanley explores the ingenuity of the Venetians, who have embraced the unexpected delights and challenges of the lagoon, in addition to the produce of Veneto’s fertile land. Veneto has a fascinating food culture due to its aquatic environment and the countless influences from around the world over throughout its vast and storied history.

Piedmont (episode 2)
In this episode, Stanley Tucci visits the region that made the dream of unified Italy a reality. Piedmont boasts refined French heritage and precious peasant traditions. Once the engine room of Italian industrialization, Piedmont is now spearheading a slow food revolution. Between reimagined risotto and the elusive white truffle, Stanley will discover a region with an illustrious past but with its sights firmly set on the future. 

Umbria (episode 3)
In this episode, Stanley Tucci visits Umbria, nicknamed The Green Heart of Italy. While this small, predominantly rural region lives in the shadow of its more glamorous neighbor, Tuscany, Umbria has an ancient history that predates even the Romans. And, with the highest consumption of pork per capita, Umbria is a carnivore’s dream. From wild boar hunts to incredible black truffle farms, Stanley will explore the riches this land has to offer, while also questioning whether old traditions and centuries of religious orthodoxy are preventing younger generations from breaking through.

London (episode 4)
Stanley sets out to explore how Italian immigration has transformed the food scene in his adopted hometown of London. Forget what you think you know about this city. London is a culinary mecca where Italian food from every region gets a chance to shine. The burrata is so creamy and pasta is so fresh that it may rival Italy itself. For over a century, Italians here have found inventive ways to create Italian food so good it’s enough to render Stanley speechless.

Calabria (episode 5)
Calabria is a region of rugged landscapes, dramatic mountain ranges and some 500 miles of incredible coastline. Connected to Basilicata in the north and separated from Sicily in the south by the narrow Strait of Messina, Calabria is also the homeland of the Tucci family’s ancestors. In this episode, Stanley Tucci travels through the region, discovering the history of this beautiful and troubled place, as well as the history of his own family. Joined by his parents and reunited with Italian relatives, he reflects on the inspiration people draw from Calabria and why those who leave this region feel compelled to return.

Sardinia (episode 6)
In this episode, Stanley Tucci visits the Italian island of Sardinia. Famous for its harsh, rugged landscape, crystal blue ocean and passionately preserved traditions, Tucci will learn how Sardinian food culture varies wildly throughout the island. He experiences the culinary delights of its coastal cities influenced by previous civilizations, and ventures inland to discover the rural heart of Sardinia, which remains untouched from outsider influence. This mysterious and mystical island is full of treasures and Sardinians are proud of their heritage and culinary diversity. One thing is certain: whoever steps foot on this island, will never want to leave.

Puglia (episode 7)
Puglia, a region famous for its fragrant olive oil, beautiful vegetables, cheeses and durum wheat. Despite being such a fertile region, Puglia is also one of Italy's poorest and Tucci discovers how today’s spirit of innovation was forged out of hard times. From Bari’s raw seafood to Cisternino’s Fornelli and Foggia’s burnt grain to cheesemaker Vito’s Apulian blue cheeses, it is clear that by reclaiming their past, the Pugliese are taking ownership of their past and embracing the future on their own terms.

Liguria (episode 8)
Stanley Tucci visits one of the most famous and frequented regions of Italy — the Italian Riviera — which is famous for the glitz and glamour of Portofino and stunning picture-perfect fishing villages of the Cinque Terre. Liguria is a thin strip of mountainous land, sandwiched between the Alps and Apennines, and lined with rugged scenery and stunning coastal views. The capital of Genoa, once a wealthy merchant empire, offers a richness of cuisine fit for a prince from personalized stamped pasta to its most internationally acclaimed export, Genoese pesto. Tucci will discover how Ligurians have learned to adapt to life in this difficult landscape and how they have found ingenious solutions to survive frugally yet thrive.

Check out some of the Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 2 best moments.

How to watch Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 2 airs live exclusively on CNN, meaning you have to have a traditional pay-TV cable/satellite package that includes the news network (many do, but best to check your specific package channel lineup) or a live TV streaming service that has it, like Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV.

If you missed it live, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy streams live for pay-TV subscribers via the CNN app under "TV Channels." The series is also available on-demand the day after the broadcast premiere to pay-TV subscribers via the CNN app and Cable Operator Platforms.   

All episodes of Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy are available to stream exclusively on Discovery Plus for US consumers.

In the UK, Searching for Italy aired on BBC2. As a result, all episodes make their way to BBC iPlayer.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy premise

Premiering at a time when travel wasn’t an option, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy provided a way for viewers to travel and explore the culture of Italy from their homes (portions of the first season were shot pre-COVID, with others completed following COVID guidelines).

In the show, Tucci sets out to learn more about his Italian heritage and the food that is such an integral part of that by exploring the different regions of Italy and sampling their trademark delicacies. That journey will continue in Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 2. Here is the official synopsis from CNN on season 2:

"Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award-winning actor Stanley Tucci indulges his passion for Italian cooking as he explores the stories and people behind the world’s most popular cuisine in the second season of the critically acclaimed Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy. Tucci, who is Italian on both sides, brings us on his journey to the bustling food markets, delectable home cooking and hidden trattorias of the Italian peninsula. From the hearty, traditional dishes in Umbria to the unique cuisine of Venice, to the this is a deeply personal, witty and warm odyssey of gastronomic delights. This season, produced by RAW, Tucci also visits Piedmont in northern Italy on his hunt for the elusive white truffle; and back in his adopted hometown of London, Tucci uncovers how Italian immigration has transformed the food scene."

Is there a Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 2 trailer?

Preview all of the fantastic places and dishes Stanley Tucci will go in season 2 of Searching for Italy with the trailer for the show directly below.

Is there going to be a Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 3?

CNN has not confirmed as of yet if there is going to be a Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 3. However, a recent report seems to bring into question Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy's future, as CNN looks to cut back on shows done by outside partners (with Searching for Italy is). Again, nothing has been confirmed, so we'll just have to wait and hear if we're going to get more adventures with Tucci.

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