The Lincoln Lawyer season 1: release date, cast, trailer and everything we know about the crime series

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey and Becki Newton as Lorna in The Lincoln Lawyer
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey and Becki Newton as Lorna in The Lincoln Lawyer (Image credit: Netflix )

Based on the bestselling novels by Michael Connelly, comes The Lincoln Lawyer season 1. There are high expectations for the forthcoming series, as Hollywood giant David E. Kelley is on board as not only the creator but also as an executive producer. Kelley has a long history of creating successful legal dramas, evident in his work Chicago Hope, The Practice, Ally McBeal and Boston Legal just to name a few.

Also behind the scene on the series are showrunner and executive producer Ted Humphrey (The Good Wife) and executive producer Ross Fineman (Big Sky). Despite all of the talent connected to the show and the fact the movie adaptation of Connelly’s novels featuring Matthew McConaughey was a sleeper hit in 2011, it’s been quite the journey for the series. 

Here’s everything we know about The Lincoln Lawyer.  

When is The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 release date? 

The Lincoln Lawyer began streaming on Netflix in both the US and the UK on Friday, May 13. The 10-episode season provides another opportunity for subscribers to do some good old good fashioned binge-watching.

Below you'll find an episode guide for season 1. 

Episode1: "He Rides Again"
"Following a personal and professional spiral, Los Angeles defense lawyer Mickey Haller receives an unexpected opportunity from a fellow attorney."

Episode 2: "The Magic Bullet"
"A high-profile murder trial sends Mickey scrambling to find evidence for his defense, while Maggie offers him a chance to help rebuild her trust."

Episode 3: "Momentum"
"Mickey looks for a link between the Trevor Elliott case and his mysterious new client, Lorna chases down a lead and Cisco voices security concerns."

Episode 4: "Chaos Theory"
"After a close call at his office, Mickey hashes things out with Detective Griggs. A witness in Maggie's human trafficking case has second thoughts."

Episode 5: "Twelve Lemmings in a Box"
"Trevor's demands during jury selection frustrate Mickey, who reaches out for some unorthodox help. Cisco uncovers another person with a motive."

Episode 6: "Bent"
"As Mickey attempts to track down the source of a possible bribe, he meets with Lara's former colleague, revisits an old case and does a favor for Maggie."

Episode 7: "Lemming Number Seven"
"On the first day of Trevor's trial, Mickey tries to prove the police had tunnel vision. Maggie's new witness provides a lead. Lorna steps in with Hayley."

Episode 8: "The Magic Bullet Redux"
"After a damaging day of testimony, Mickey searches for the one piece of evidence that will crack his case wide open. Maggie faces a deadline on Soto."

Episode 9: "The Uncanny Valley"
"Determined to clear his name, Trevor pushes to take the stand, but the risky strategy leaves Mickey with more questions than answers."

Episode 10: "The Brass Verdict"
"Mickey confronts Trevor as the pieces fall into place, and his chance to right a past wrong could have dire consequences for Maggie."

The Lincoln Lawyer premise 

Netflix describes the premise of The Lincoln Lawyer as the following: 

"Mickey Haller, an iconoclastic idealist, runs his law practice out of the back seat of his Lincoln, as he takes on cases big and small across the expansive city of Los Angeles. Based on the series of bestselling novels by renowned author Michael Connelly, the first season is based on the second book in The Lincoln Lawyer series, The Brass Verdict."

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 cast 

Neve Campbell and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo starring in The Lincoln Lawyer

Neve Campbell and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in The Lincoln Lawyer (Image credit: Netflix)

Portraying lead character Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer is Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. Garcia-Rulfo has previously starred as Carlos in the movie Widows, Gabriel Ortega in the series Goliath and Vazquez in The Magnificent Seven. Speaking on the leading man, author Michael Connelly stated: 

"Manuel is the ideal Mickey Haller, as Haller follows in the footsteps of his attorney father with the showmanship of his Mexican movie star mother. Manuel brings a powerful dynamic and dimension to the role — one that aligns with the books and will give the show the opportunity to celebrate the Latinx heritage and roots of this Los Angeles-based story."

Starring opposite Garcia-Rulfo in the series is Scream actress Neve Campbell, who will be acting in the role of Maggie McPherson. Campbell is a veteran in film and television and has come a long way since the days of Party of Five.  

Here’s the rest of the main cast:  

  • Becki Newton as Lorna 
  • Jazz Raycole as Izzy Letts
  • Angus Sampson as Cisco  
  • Christopher Gorham as Trevor Ellio

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 trailer 

Watching the trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, one can’t help but be reminded of Boston Legal. See for yourself below:

If the trailer wasn't enough, here is an additional clip that may motivate you to watch the series when it premieres. 

How to watch The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 

The Lincoln Lawyer is a Netflix original series and can only be streamed directly on the platform on May 13. Those without a Netflix subscription can easily sign up for one with just a few clicks. 

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