The Parent Test: next episode, trailer and everything we know about the TV show

Andrea McCoy and Star McCoy stand on the sidewalk on The Parent Test
Andrea McCoy and Star McCoy on The Parent Test (Image credit: ABC/Temma Hankin)

Everyone has an opinion on how to be the best parent. But is there actually a right way to raise your child? That’s the question that The Parent Test attempts to answer. 

Based on the Australian series Parental Guidance, the unscripted series puts 12 families, with very different parenting styles, through a variety of everyday tests to see whose approach works best. 

But what can we expect to see in The Parent Test? When does it air? Is there a trailer? Just take a look below to see the answers to all of these questions and more.

When is next The Parent Test episode?

The Parent Test has an all new episode on Thursday, February 2, at 9 pm ET/PT on ABC. Here is the synopsis for the latest episode, titled "Every Parent's Worst Nightmare":

"The parade of parenting continues when Disciplined, Traditional, Child Led and Helicopter parents take the spotlight as their families face the Unexpected Pick-Up and Driving Me Crazy challenges. When the children are given the decision-making power, will they make impulsive decisions or rely on their upbringing to guide their choices?"

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The Parent Test trailer

ABC have indeed released a small trailer for The Parent Test, which gives audiences a tantalizing tease of what’s in store for the parents and the children alike. Unsurprisingly, it promises to be a highly emotional, heartfelt and educational experience. Take a look below to see the first trailer for The Parent Test.  

The Parent Test premise

To put it simply, 12 parents allowed The Parent Test's cameras into their homes so that they could film how they looked after their children. Each of these families have a distinctively unique style of parenting. These approaches include helicopter, new-age, intensive, child-led, free-range, strict, negotiation and high achievement.

They were then given various situations to run through. These were chosen to put their parenting styles to the ultimate test and to provoke discussions on the positives and negatives of each approach. 

Then, the dozen parents reflect and converse about these tests back in the studio together, all of which is overseen by The Parent Test's host and expert. But who is in charge of The Parent Test?

The Parent Test cast

The Parent Test is hosted by comedian Ali Wentworth, who previously starred in Head Case, Seinfeld, Jerry Maguire and It's Complicated. During a recent interview with Variety (opens in new tab), Wentworth said she hopes The Parent Test starts a "national conversation about how we’re raising our kids."

Especially because, in the wake of the pandemic, a number of old ideas about how to be a parent were seemingly discarded, in favor of new techniques. 

"Things like screens and social media, where you may have had a rule about it before the pandemic. But then, you wanted your kids to feel connected, so you let them stay on screens much longer than you would have otherwise. I also think the younger generations are experiencing a real mental health crisis that we haven’t even figured out yet, that we haven't even collected the data on it yet."

Wentworth won't be dealing with the parents alone, though. She'll be joined by Dr. Adolph Brown, who is The Parent Test's parenting expert, as well as a master teacher and clinical psychologist. 

During the same interview with Variety, Brown, who actually goes by the nickname Doc Brown, insisted that The Parent Test features heart and humor, as well as the dramatics that you expect. 

"There was a collective compassion that I saw on the set that every parent wanted to know what was the best style of parenting, even though they were pretty much advocating for their own," teased Brown. "They were open minded and open hearted, to listen to others."

How to watch The Parent Test

The Parent Test airs on ABC. If you have a traditional pay-TV cable subscription, you can watch the show through your local ABC station. You can also watch the show on FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV

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