‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’: Release Date, trailer and everything we know about Stewart’s Apple TV Plus series

The Problem With Jon Stewart
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Jon Stewart’s tenure on The Daily Show was an important milestone for the landscape of late-night TV. Not only did he help launch the careers of many great comedians that we know and love today (Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell, Rob Riggle, Samantha Bee, Ed Helms, John Oliver, Trevor Noah and more) but his humorous exposes on the news has now become a genre unto itself.

Well, six years after leaving The Daily Show, the master is back as Stewart has a new original series that will air on Apple TV Plus, The Problem With Jon Stewart. This will be one of the first variety/news-focused originals from Apple TV Plus, expanding on their lineup that already includes Ted Lasso, See, The Morning Show, Foundation, Invasion, Truth Be Told and more. 

Here is everything we know about The Problem With Jon Stewart.

What is the premise for ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’?

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart would offer quick, hilarious observations of recent news stories, create remote or scripted segments and interview a celebrity or newsmaker all within a half-hour broadcast show format. The Problem With Jon Stewart episodes will instead be a deep dive into a single issue while interviewing people directly associated and/or impacted by it and having some jokes thrown in (he is after all still a comedian).

We do not know yet what topics Stewart will touch upon in this first season of The Problem With Jon Stewart, but certainly there is no shortage of relevant issues that he can explore.

In addition to the TV show, The Problem With Jon Stewart will have a companion podcast that will go even further into an issue, with more interviews, facts and commentary on things.

When is ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’ release date? 

Apple TV Plus has set a release date of Sept. 30 for The Problem With Jon Stewart. The show will then premiere every other Thursday on the streaming service. This is a change as typically Apple TV Plus series debut Friday on the streaming service.

But don’t worry, thanks to the podcast there will be new content every week from The Problem With Jon Stewart. New podcast episodes will be available weekly.

Is there a ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’ trailer?

Apple has actually given two different kinds of trailers to get fans ready for Jon Stewart’s latest project. The most recent and traditional is a teaser trailer that features Stewart suiting back up for his new show, but reacting in horror when he sees his aged face in the mirror — “why would I go back to a visual medium” he laments (don’t be so hard on yourself Jon, you’re looking good). 

There's also now a trailer that shows more of what the show will look like, including live in-person and recorded interviews, a live audience and sketches. Take a look below.

How to watch ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’

As an Apple TV Plus series, The Problem With Jon Stewart will be exclusively shown on the streaming service. Anyone interested in watching will need an Apple TV Plus subscription, which costs $4.99 per month. A seven-day free trial is available to new subscribers, or it could be a three-month free trial if you purchase a new Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc.). 

New episodes of the companion podcast will be made available through Apple podcasts and RSS. 

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