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'Top Gear' 2021 release date, presenters, cars and all you need to know

Top Gear 2021 presenters Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness.
Top Gear 2021 presenters Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness. (Image credit: BBC)

Lockdown has confined Top Gear 2021 presenters Chris Harris, Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness to the UK in the new series. But there’s no shortage of thrills, banter and the usual motorised mayhem as the three amigos team up for their fourth series together, and their second on BBC1. 

Here's everything you need to know about the new series of Top Gear...

Top Gear 2021 release date

Top Gear 2021 arrives on Sunday March 14 on BBC1 and iPlayer at 8pm. 

How many episodes of Top Gear are there in the new series? 


What's in episode one of Top Gear 2021? 

Paddy McGuinness remembers his dad's Ford Fiesta.

Paddy McGuinness remembers his dad's Ford Fiesta. (Image credit: BBC)

In a special Dad's Cars road trip, Freddie, Chris and Paddy get behind the wheels of the cars they remember their own fathers driving. Here's what they told us about their drive down memory lane...

Paddy "When I was a kid, I would be in the front seat of our Ford Fiesta with no seatbelt on, window down, chatting away! Most kids are in the back now, with their headphones on, so it's totally different!"

Freddie "It reminded me of Mum and Dad taking me to cricket matches up and down the country in our Ford Cortina. I've gone full circle, as I'm doing it with my kids now. I love taking my daughter to school — it's 20 minutes where I just sit with her and we can have a chat."

Chris "I love love getting my kids in one of my rubbish old cars, and making sure that whenever we go somewhere, we have fun. We tend to sing and behave badly, and I really love doing that! I hope they remember it fondly in the future."

What's in episode two? 

Freddie 'Jaws' Flintoff, Bolton's answer to 007 and Chris 'Nick Nack' Harris with two iconic Jame Bond cars

Freddie 'Jaws' Flintoff, Bolton's answer to 007 and Chris 'Nick Nack' Harris with two iconic James Bond cars. (Image credit: BBC)

Ever fancied yourself as 007? There’s help on the way courtesy of The Top Gear Guide to Buying a Bond Car which, with Bond-related vehicles to suit all budgets, should leave you shaken and stirred! Special agents Flintoff, Harris and McGuinness tell us more... 

Freddie "I’m not a big Bond fan, but I loved driving that white Lotus, which was a submarine car in The Spy Who Loved Me. I could only just about fit in it! But the best part of the day was watching Paddy living his boyhood dream, thinking he's James Bond."

Paddy "There was a moment when I was driving round the track in an Aston Martin DB5, which is £3.3 million-worth of car, with a tuxedo on, and I thought: 'It doesn't get much better than this.' Living the dream!’

Chris "Yes, that's the hierarchy of Top Gear: Paddy gets to be James Bond, Freddie is Bond villain Jaws and I am dressed up as Nick Nack, from The Man with the Golden Gun! We've also recreated that scene from A View to a Kill, when Bond ends up driving half a Renault 11 in Paris. That was really good fun!’

What's in episode three?

Freddie Flintoff in an Ariel Nomad.

Freddie Flintoff in an Ariel Nomad. (Image credit: BBC)

What’s the best off-roader on sale today? The boys take three contenders to the Scottish Highlands to undergo tests including high-speed clay pigeon shooting, livestock towing, and the delivery of a giant bulb to a lighthouse!  

What's in episode four of the new series of Top Gear?

Freddie, Chris and Paddy in Top Gear 2021

Freddie, Chris and Paddy with some midlife crisis motors. (Image credit: BBC)

Inappropriate fashion choices, riding expensive racing bikes and a desire to wear Lycra are all common in men of a certain age. But what sort of car purchase best sums up the classic male midlife crisis? We put the question to three petrolheads  in their 40s..

Paddy "My midlife crisis is manifesting nicely, and I’m easing into it! They gave us a list of things that could indicate a midlife crisis, and one of them was bicycles. Really?! In my mind, it’s wearing a massive gold medallion and driving around in a soft-top car!"

Freddie "I've been having a midlife crisis since I was three! I still like the same things I liked when I was younger, whether it be cars or clothes — although the clothes probably don't look as good on me now! I wanted the TVR that they gave me to drive, when I was 20. It just took me until the age of 43 to drive one!"

Chris "When we were going through the list of things that pointed to a midlife crisis, each of us got defensive, because it was quite clear that we were all going through one!"

Is there a trailer?

There sure is...