Best BBC America shows to enjoy right now

Doctor Who Season 13 - promo image for Doctor Who: Flux
New Doctor Who episodes are just the start of the BBC America treats. (Image credit: BBC Studios / Zoe McConnell)

What are the best BBC America shows?

Well, if you’re an anglophile (that’s people who love Britain and all things British, if your Latin is a bit rusty!) there are some great treats at the moment, including some brand-spanking new episodes of some of the top shows.

So, be it sci-fi adventure, spellbinding nature documentaries or great chat you’re after, pour yourself a cup of tea, cut yourself a slice of Victoria sponge and enjoy these fantastic BBC America shows...

'The Graham Norton Show'

Graham Norton Show.

Graham's chat show is a big hit in the UK. (Image credit: BBC)

A UK institution, running for 13 years, Graham is famous for his cheeky interview style and the rather boozy hospitality he offers his guests.

Basically, if a big-name, international face is heading to the UK, they head to The Graham Norton Show. Stars of the most recent series have included Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer, Daniel Craig, Timothée Chalemet (Call Me By Your Name) and Elton John.

With Olympians sat on the sofa next to Hollywood stars who are sat next to rock legends, it’s often a heady mix, but with Graham as the ringmaster, it’s always great fun.

New episodes currently streaming weekly.

'Doctor Who'

Doctor Who, John Bishop

The Doc with pal Yas and new companion for 2021 Dan (John Bishop). (Image credit: BBC/John Pardon)

As Doctor Who season 13 launches with weekly episodes, you can still catch up on the previous run, which takes Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor on an epic journey – and reveals some shocking revelations about her past.

The season opens with the Bond-esque caper Spyfall, which sees the Doc and companions Yas (Mandip Gill), Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham (the always-sparkling Bradley Walsh) to all the corners of the globe as they fight a deranged boss of an international conglomerate. Other highlights include The Fugitive of the Judoon, a fun tale which throws in a jaw-dropping twist just when you least expect it.

Once you’ve caught up, it’ll be time for the new series – a six-part tale entitled Flux – which promises to be this Doctor’s most epic battle yet.

Meanwhile, if you want to go old school, The Evil of the Daleks, a classic 1966 lost story, has had its six episodes recreated with animation.

Doctor Who: Flux begins on Sunday October 31 and streams weekly.

Season 12 – 10 x 45 minute episodes –  available to stream now.

Evil of the Daleks – 6 x 25 minutes episodes – available to stream now.

 'Antiques Roadshow UK'

Antiques Roadshow Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce visits beautiful locations to track down treasures. (Image credit: BBC)

The US version of Antiques Roadshow has run for 24 years, but the daddy of the treasure trail is the UK version, which is now on its 44th season. Presented by the softly spoken Fiona Bruce, this is cosy comfort TV at its best.

Members of the public bring in their family heirlooms, tell the stories behind them and finally discover just what their precious item is worth. Often to genuine shock, or sometimes to crushing disappointment when it’s revealed they’re not holding quite the treasure they thought they were!

We also get to visit some of the country’s most beautiful stately homes along the way.

New episodes available to stream weekly

'Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasties'

With all the best soap operas, a big part of the joy of watching over the years is seeing the drama move on to the next generation. And as our favourite Mongoose documentary returns to our screens, we meet three families who are descendants of the Whiskers family, who found fame in the original Meerkat Manor back in 2005.

We’ll follow all the dramas of the three clans – from fights to fornication – as they struggle for survival in the inhospitable Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Narrated by Bill Nighy, prepare for a thrilling and often emotional journey.

13 x 30 minute episodes available to stream.


This series of dramatic monologues was produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the sexual offences act, which partially legalised homosexuality in the UK.

Featuring stars including Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) and Ben Wishaw (Bond), each 20-minute episode is set in a different decade over the last 100 years, as that individual tells the story of their queer experience.

Heart-breaking and heart-warming in equal measure, each episode loosely builds on the next, ending on Alan Cumming as a groom in the present day about to marry.

8 x 20 minutes episodes available to stream.


We join eight different women over the 100 years since females were given the vote in the UK.

Inspired by women who have spoken out or challenged the status quo, we meet eight "ordinary" women who tell their story, and often reveal the personal cost of taking a stand. Themes include the perils of the casting couch, and rape within marriage and the sexual revolution.

Stars in the leading roles including Siobhan Finneran (Downton Abbey) Shirley Henderson (Bridget Jones) and Jodie Comer (Killing Eve).

8 x 15 minute episodes available to stream.


'Eden: Untamed Planet'

Coming from the team behind Frozen Planet and Blue Planet II, this six-part documentary has a fantastic pedigree. We explore the parts of the planet that are still untouched by humans – unspoiled ‘Edens’, isolated from the rest of the world but brimming with life.

Each episode of takes us on a journey through a year of one of the locations, from the frozen lands of Alaska to the searing heat of the Namib desert.

The series, narrated by Helen Bonham-Carter (The Crown), will also reflect on the future of these environments, as the perils of the modern world begins to encroach.

6 x 53 minute episodes available to stream.

'The Watch'

The Watch

Sam and the team from 'The Watch'. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Inspired by the world of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series of novels, The Watch follows Sam Vimes (Richard Dormer, Games of Thrones) the captain of The City Watch and his team as they solve crimes to protect the city and themselves. Along the way we meet trolls, werewolves and wizards, while a plot is unearthed to resurrect a great dragon which could lead to the destruction of life as they know it.

While Pratchett purists felt the series deviated too far from the acclaimed author’s original characters and ideas, the show’s blend of thriller and comedy has found its own audience.

8 x 60 minute episodes currently streaming.

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