Winter On The Farm 2022: air date, animals, interviews and all you need to know

Winter On The Farm 2022 will be presented by Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson.
Winter On The Farm will be presented by Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Winter On The Farm 2022 is back and there are going to be some new furry faces and plenty of pre-festive fun when Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson return to Yorkshire to host a week of live shows from Cannon Hall Farm. 

The pair will be following the progress of resident farmers Rob and Dave Nicholson as they navigate the winter months and catch up with Yorkshire Vet stars Shona Searson and Matthew Jackson-Smith. 

Winter On The Farm 2022 — when is it on? 

Winter On The Farm begins on Monday, December 5 at 8pm on Channel 5. The show will then air in the same slot every evening until Thursday, December 8. 

Winter On The Farm — who is going to be appearing on the show? 

Jules Hudson and Helen Skelton, who's been wowing viewers with her ballroom skills on Strictly Come Dancing 2022, will be joined by a whole host of guests from local artisans and producers to favourite farming duo Rob and Dave Nicholson. 

Meanwhile, regular presenters JB Gill and Dr Amir Khan will also return and are taking to the road to meet all kinds of interesting people who love the great outdoors including a group of Muslim hikers, led by Sameed Asghar who raises awareness of the benefits that hiking has on mental health. 

Amir will also be heading to the Lake District to meet Harrison Ward aka The Fell Foodie, who enjoys cooking on top of some of England’s most beautiful mountains.

Helen and Jules with the reindeer on Winter On The Farm.

Helen and Jules with the reindeer on Winter On The Farm. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Winter On The Farm 2022 — what new animals can we expect to see? 

As well as regular favourites such as Emma the highland cow, miniature pony, Jon Bon Pony and Gary the donkey, viewers can expect to see some new additions to the farm this season.

Presenter Jules Hudson says, "There are a couple of new additions. Rob and Dave went off to get a new reindeer from Ireland because sadly, one of them passed away this year and they needed a new friend for reindeer Prince."

Meanwhile, shire horse Orchid, one of the farm's most beloved animals is retiring from breeding following the difficult birth of Rosie the foal earlier this year. Rob and Dave have decided that Orchid will now enjoy the twilight of her years as a riding horse in Ireland, so we will be following their progress as they take her to settle into her new home.  

What do presenters Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson enjoy most about Winter On The Farm?

Helen says, "I love those winter days when it’s crisp, bright and clear. I enjoy the cold wind in my face and being outside because when you get in it’s extra cosy."

Jules says, "Any season is fun with Helen, Dave, Rob and the rest of the gang but winter is an exciting time because we’re building up to Christmas. For the farmers it’s one of the most challenging times of the year because it’s cold, and they’re working against the clock getting ready for the busy spring ahead."

Farmers Rob and Dave Nicholson will be sharing their day to day activity at Cannon Hall Farm.

Farmers Rob and Dave Nicholson will be sharing their day to day activity at Cannon Hall Farm.  (Image credit: Channel 5)

Winter On The Farm 2022 — what festive plans are there for this season of shows? 

Helen says, "We’ll be doing all kinds of crafty things in the run-up to Christmas and we’ll also be celebrating local artisans, producers and bakers and sampling some of their produce. We did a whole section on cocktails last year which I couldn’t drink because I was eight months pregnant so our lovely resident barman made me non-alcoholic ones which were actually really nice."

Jules adds, "We do like a drink on the show. If there’s any excuse to get something warm and alcoholic down our throats during filming then we are up for it!"

Winter On The Farm 2022 — which animals have Jules and Helen got a soft spot for? 

Jules: "I adore the miniature Shetland ponies There have been times when I’ve been tempted to scoop one up and bundle it in the back of my truck. They are gorgeous."

Helen: "I love the Highland cattle. Emma is my favourite. She’ll quite often start mooing when we're doing a piece to camera. I like the donkeys too although I got bitten live on air by one of the donkey foals."

Anything can happen when on Winter On The Farm during a live show!

Anything can happen when on Winter On The Farm during a live show!  (Image credit: Channel 5)

How do Jules and Helen keep warm when hosting all the live shows outdoors in the wintry months? 

Jules says, "The occasional hand-warmers get shoved inside wellie boots to take the edge off the cold but we’re supported by a fabulous production team and are never far from a cup of coffee! We’re not like the farmers, battling the elements and running a business."

Helen says, "We don't rely on thermal underwear or anything like that. That's because Jules and I are hard! Some of the crew do though." 

Do Helen and Jules enjoy the challenges of live presenting for Winter On The Farm? 

Helen:" Definitely. You just get on with it because you can’t go back and do any bit again."

Jules: "Absolutely. I was quite new to live TV when we started doing the Farm series but Helen, having done a lifetime of it,  has been the most brilliant mentor.

HELEN: "(laughing) That’s a nice way of saying I’m bossy!"

Helen has been busy competing on Strictly Come Dancing too. Has Strictly lived up to her expectations? 

Helen says, "I’m absolutely loving it. As Jules knows, I’m massively out of my comfort zone and it’s all alien to be but I’m really trying. All I want to do each week is learn, have a good time and get better. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve had. Rob and Dave have sent me supportive video messages, even Peter Wright, The Yorkshire Vet, sent me a video message."

Jules says, "The Farmy Army are absolutely behind Helen and are so proud of her. She’s been amazing to watch!"

Winter On The Farm begins on Monday, December 5 at 8 pm on Channel 5.

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