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Mitch Hewer: ‘Scott goes after Jez in Casualty and someone's badly hurt!'

Scott Casualty
The moment of truth... What will Scott do next? (Image credit: BBC/Adrian Heap)

Mitch Hewer reveals violence erupts in Casualty when Ethan divulges a few home truths to Scott Ellisson!

Mickey Ellisson has a lot explaining to do in this week’s Casualty. First of all he helps his brother, Scott, in a racist attack on a local shop owner. Then he calls his paramedic boyfriend Jez (Lloyd Everitt (opens in new tab)) begging him for help after getting injured while fleeing the hateful attack. But the drama doesn’t stop there.

Angry doctor Ethan Hardy knows Scott killed his own brother, Cal, and spots a rare opportunity for revenge. Violence erupts in the ED with dire consequences when Ethan reveals to Scott that Mickey is in a relationship with Jez. There will be blood…

Former Skins’ star Mitch Hewer (opens in new tab), 28, who plays Mickey Ellisson, gives What’s on TV (opens in new tab) the inside story.

How does Mickey end up in the ED again this week? "Mickey’s racist brother Scott (Will Austin (opens in new tab)) has set Mickey a loyalty test by asking him to come along with him and another guy to do over a local shop. Things get out of hand and while trying to get away on motorbikes there’s an accident."

Why is it so hard for Mickey to turn his back on his notorious family? "Mickey’s never agreed with how the Ellissons are. He completely goes against the family grain – he’s gay and in a relationship with someone of a different race. None of these are a problem for Mickey, but he knows they’re a problem for his family. Mickey loves his family but hates the way they think."

Does Mickey tell his boyfriend, Jez, that he was injured while taking part in a racist attack? "After Jez brings Mickey to the ED Mickey realises he has to get out of the situation where he’s continually lying. He knows he has to stand up to his family’s Nazi cult nature or lose the guy he’s fallen in love with. He knows he keeps putting Jez in danger. Mickey doesn’t know whether he should stand up to his family or push Jez away. In either situation he’s going to lose someone."

Mickey Casualty

Jez is dismayed when the truth emerges... Will he dump Mickey? (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

The decision is taken out of his hands – what can you reveal? "Ethan instigates it because he’s trying to get revenge on Scott. Mickey knows his brother is bad; that his views of homosexuality and race are out of touch with the world, but he doesn’t believe Scott would kill somebody. Ethan, however, is adamant Scott killed his brother Cal. Desperation has set in and Ethan wants closure, even though he knows the outcome for Mickey and Jez! Ethan wants revenge, sees his opportunity, and calls it."


Scott Casualty

Scott's on the warpath. Will he kill again? (Image credit: BBC/Adrian Heap)


What happens next? "When Scott sees Mickey’s face he goes after the person Mickey cares about most – Jez! In this moment you see Mickey make his choice between his family and Jez. Mickey gets caught in the middle of Jez and Scott, which makes Scott lose his mind! There’s a fight on the second floor and one of us goes over the balcony. I can’t say who, but someone is hurt pretty badly…"

Watch Casualty on Saturday, July 15 on BBC1

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