Killer shock at Kylie Platt's funeral in Corrie!

As Coronation Street bids farewell to tragic Kylie Platt, Sarah's forced into a killer confession!

It's been a turbulent time since Kylie Platt killed Callum – and a rollercoaster of events since then has sparked drama after drama for the family, but Kylie was never caught… And just when she was about to embark on a life away from all the trauma, with David and the children, she was fatally stabbed and died a hero after coming to Gemma's rescue.

But is the truth about to come out at her funeral, or will it stay buried with Kylie?


As David says goodbye to the love of his life this week, is the truth about Callum's killer about to out?

Vicar Billy prepares to conduct the young mum's funeral, but will all go to plan?

As everyone prepares to pay their respects to Kylie, Todd's distracted…

Todd tells Sarah he knows she murdered Callum but when she denies this, Todd is convinced David is the killer, and becomes a man on a mission!

The Platts gather at the church but will events kick off if Todd has his way?

It's a sad occasion as tears are shed and Kylie is remembered…

The heartbreaking moment comes when Kylie's son, Max, delivers a poignant tribute to his mum

Meanwhile, after letting dead Tony take the blame for so long, Todd is fuming about the Platts' killer cover-up and, convinced David is Callum's killer, squares up to him!

But as Billy pulls an accusatory Todd away from David, and they share a tender moment, a devastated Sean looks on…

But with Todd on David's case, thinking he's the killer…

Will the truth about Kylie finally come out?

With troubled Sarah finally deciding to reveal all to Todd, will he go to the police or will he take their secret to his grave? Watch Coronation Street on ITV from Monday, August 1