‘Callum realises the ‘Dad’ spot is still open with Max,’ says Corrie’s Sean Ward

Coronation Street’s Sean Ward reveals to Soaplife that Callum will use Max in his battle with David if he has to...

Callum Logan’s not a man to be crossed so when David – once again on the hunt for missing Kylie – has a go at him in the Dog and Gun, Callum says he’ll tell Max who his real father is unless David stops his pestering. “Callum really has David over a barrel," Sean tells Soaplife.

Has Callum heard from Kylie at all?

“No. There’s a part of him that’s worried about her and he feels a bit guilty about destroying the life she had with David [Jack P Shepherd]. He still wants her back, though, but he has an eye for the ladies – as you’ll see when he meets Katy Armstrong [Georgia May Foote].”

What about Max?

“Each time Callum sees Max he gets a bit closer to actually wanting to get to know his son – and he intends to start seeing him regularly. Max sees Callum as this cool guy who drives a cool car and brings cool presents. Callum’s never felt adored before plus he’s not experienced family love so his paternal instincts will kick in.”

Is he jealous of Max’s relationship with David?

“Yes, although he can’t deny David has done a very good job with Max. But Callum is also intrigued when he hears Max calling David ‘David’, and not ‘Dad’. He realises the ‘dad’ spot is still open.”

Will we see Callum’s softer side?

“Possibly - via Max or the discovery that Kylie’s in trouble. Callum would feel hurt if anything happened and he’d step up to the mark for either of them.”

Does Callum have the capacity to provide a family home for Max and Kylie (Paula Lane)?

“Maybe one day - but it’s complicated. He’s just come out of prison and he’s dealing drugs. He’s also destroyed Kylie’s world so if and when she turns up, it’s unlikely she’ll forgive him that easily. He’s still a tearaway and if he’s got any chance of caring for Max, he’s really going to have to sort himself out.”

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