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Coronation Street’s Sally is going to enter politics… Good luck with that, Tim!

(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Well, Sally’s new husband Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) loves her to bits but we’re not sure even he will vote for her when she puts herself up as a candidate in the local council elections.

In an upcoming story, Sally (played by Sally Dynevor) is bitten by the political bug, reports The Mirror.

She’s always been ambitious and, having recently failed to buy the factory from Carla Connor (Alison King), she’s in need of a new project; something that gives her power…

So, politics it is.

“Sally’s going to take on local politics in 2016,” says Sally. “Tim’s not bothered at all. He just stands behind her, raising his eyebrows.

“But it’s a great storyline - we’ve already started filming it and it has been really fun.

“Sally has Ken [Bill Roache], Norris [Malcolm Hebden] and Mary [Patti Clare] all on board with her, so I reckon she’s going to do quite well.”

Hmmmm. Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) hated the sound of Sally’s voice so much that he moved her out of the factory office and back onto the factory floor. How’s he going to react when she starts screeching, ‘Vote for Sally Metcalfe’?

He might vote to move her out of the factory completely…

And Tim definitely won’t like Sally having more free time to nag him…

Coronation Street, ITV.