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Coronation Street spoilers: Faye Brooks suggests Kate and Rana's wedding could be ruined as she brands Lolly 'dangerous'

Uh oh...

They're set to finally have their happy day, but could Kate Connor and Rana Habeeb's wedding be ruined by newcomer Lolly?

Coronation Street actress Faye Brookes, who plays Kate, has hinted the nuptials could be at risk after Kate reconnected with old friend Lolly.

Kate Connor in Coronation Street

Rana is now feeling left out, and next week frustrations grow after Lolly books a stripper for the couple's hen do.

'Kate’s eyes are well and truly opened to what Lolly is like. She knows how desperate Lolly is to to impress,' Faye said during an interview with Digital Spy.

'When Lolly overhears Kate saying that, she is furious and confronts her. Kate is just angry at this point, as Lolly was sneering at them going off to see her wedding outfit.

'Lolly storms off but Kate isn’t really bothered. It is Rana who goes after Lolly to try and smooth things over,' she continued.

Kate and Rana Nazir

'Rana thinks Lolly should be uninvited to the wedding and Kate is 100 per cent in agreement with that decision. She can’t believe that Lolly was trying to come between them and she realises how close she got to causing a real rift between her and Rana and there is no way Kate could cope with that.'

Luckily, it looks like Kate doesn't fall for Lolly's lies and wises up to her scheme.

Faye added: 'Kate realises at this point just how far Lolly is prepared to go and she just wants her out of their lives.

'Lolly is really dangerous. She is very clever and very manipulative and Kate and Rana don’t know the half of what she is capable of.

'They should be really worried – and they make a shocking discovery that could ruin the wedding after they have sent her packing.'

Watch this space...