Corrie's Paula Lane: 'Kylie's shaken but relieved when Max is diagnosed with ADHD'

Coronation Street’s Paula Lane tells Soaplife how Kylie feels after doctors tell her Max has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Max used to be such a sweet little lad, but recently he’s been a little devil - and mum Kylie has been blaming herself… David (Jack P Shepherd (opens in new tab)), though, thinks there could be a medical reason for Max misbehaving - and he’s right. “Max is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. Kylie’s shaken, but it’s also a relief to know why he’s acting the way he is,” Paula (opens in new tab) tells Soaplife. Unfortunately, the diagnosis doesn’t make things better for the family - it makes things much worse.

Kylie’s really been struggling with Max’s behaviour, hasn’t she?

“Yes. Initially she was in denial about it - she didn’t want to admit there was something wrong with her son. But there came a point when she could no longer ignore it. Max has been embarrassing her in front of other people on the Street, so she feels like the whole of Weatherfield’s talking about it! Her confidence is at a real low because she thinks people blame her for Max’s behaviour, and it’s also been affecting her own health as she’s tired all the time.”

What did she think was wrong with Max?

“She didn’t think it was anything medical. She thought it was maybe his age or his diet. Her biggest fear was Max was taking after his biological father, who was a real bad lad.”

Bad how?

“He abandoned them when Max was tiny, but he kept trying to come back into their lives. The last Kylie saw of him was on the TV news for a vicious assault on a judge and they’d thrown the book at him. He’s fearless and he’s scared of nothing. When Kylie tells David all about him, you can see David’s worried. But he’s so supportive.”

After the diagnosis, is Kylie worried about Max having to be on medication?

“It’s a concern, but she’s so exhausted she’s relieved something is now being done and steps are being made to help him. She’s most worried about him being treated differently to other children. This is a great storyline because ADHD is not a disorder you hear much about and it can be misinterpreted so I’m glad we’re addressing it.”

In a surprise twist, Gail’s (Helen Worth (opens in new tab)) friend, Michael, is great with Max…

“There’s a scene where he gives Max an ice-lolly with no additives in it, and Kylie’s quite touched by that. She’s happy because it means Max doesn’t have to do things differently to other children.”

Will Kylie be nicer to Michael (Les Dennis (opens in new tab)) now?

“I think she and David are slowly coming round to him being with Gail. But, as you’ll see in a while, things gets to a point where Kylie has bigger issues to worry about…”

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