Coronation Street's creepy copper Neil Clifton FINALLY arrested?

It has been an important yet harrowing storyline that has kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Finally, it looks as though Bethany will get the justice she deserves...

This week in Coronation Street (opens in new tab), it seems Bethany Platt will get a few steps closer to putting her abusers where they belong – behind bars!

Even if you haven't been watching, you will undoubtedly be aware of the horrific storyline centred around child grooming and rape.

Bethany finally finds the courage to report Neil to the police thanks to the encouragement and support of her friend Craig.

She had previously opened up to Craig about the ordeal, but forced him to keep the information to himself. This was incredibly difficult for Craig as Neil was his mentor in the force!

Craig tries his best to stick to his word and help Bethany, but in doing so he puts his own career and life in serious danger.

Initially Craig feels as though his only option is to give up his dream of becoming a police officer. He couldn't face watching Neil get away with his horrific crimes. However, when Bethany convinces Craig to stay in the force, he takes a huge risk...

Craig requests a new mentor. Unsettled by Craig's demands, Neil lashes out and bundles Craig into his car. Little does he know that Craig is secretly recording their chat...

Confident with what he captures in the recording, Craig goes to Bethany and insists that she reports Neil as one of her rapists. With Craig by her side, she finds the courage to make the call and when DC Leigh visits her at No. 8, Bethany explains how Nathan cajoled her into having sex with Neil.

DC Leigh reassures Bethany that Neil will feel the full force of the law and it seems Craig's recording will be a vital piece of evidence.

In the words of Ben Cartwright, who plays Neil, when he is called in for a meeting with the Chief Inspector he knows 'it's game over'.

But is it really the end of the line for Neil or will he be able to squirm his way out of trouble?

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